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Welcome to the information page for Plymouth Argyle Supporters On The Internet official fan club of PAFC

Chairman: David Gadd
Secretary: James Cridland
Treasurer: Tom Jarrett
General Dogsbody: Barrie Davis


It all started with the player sponsorship deal we got together in May 1996, in which 30 fans donated ten pounds each to secure Neil Illman's strip for the 96/97 season. Then came Neil Illman's Fantasy Football, which saw even more money coming in without any apparent place to put it. Therefore we decided to give ourselves a proper name, a bank account, a constituion and obtain official recognition from the club so that fans could be sure their money was going to a secure and reliable place.

There were other reasons as well though. I have often received email from people abroad supporting the idea of a fan club, as they felt this would help them to feel more 'involved' in goings on at Home Park. Also, we have never been very good at arranging social events and gatherings and James and I often conflicted on whatwas being said to the press and the club. Lastly, James and I have always footed the escalating expenses of phonecalls to upload the information on the Internet and maintain the mailing and we both felt that if the pages and list continued to grow, we could no longer afford to foot the phone bills by ourselves.

The Main Aims of PASOTI

1) To ensure that fans worldwide can have free, 24 hour access to information about Plymouth Argyle through the WWW and through a mailing lsit.
2) To try to keep this information as accurate and as up to date as possible
3) To encourage dialogue between Plymouth Argyle fans (and other fans) who enjoy the Internet - both through Interactive Web Pages and the Mailing List
4) To support Plymouth Argyle and Plymouth Argyle Youth Development in any way we can. Most of the funds from PASOTI are channelled into player sponsorship and in the case of fantasy football into PAYD.

The main advantages of PASOTI membership

You do not need to be a member of PASOTI to use this forum. This is to keep up the spirit of free and accessable information for everyone.

However, by becoming a member of PASOTI, you are showing us that you appreciate all our efforts. On top of this, there are or will be members only services. To become a member you can donate via PayPal from the homepage.

  • Article about PASOTI in Evening Herald 29.04.98
  • Press Release for the launch of PASOTI 09.09.96