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Plymouth Herald

Posted: 11:51 21 Nov 2017
by Keepitgreen
I don't normally complain about the Herald as I read the hard copy and don't have a problem with it. However I saw an online story about the Coca Cola truck being in Plymouth and I'm amazed at the following paragraph:

Let’s be very clear. Coca Cola is not Christmas. It’s no more Christmas than being given a butt plug and a dirty raincoat from your across-the-road neighbour Alf who stares at you through his filthy net curtains while holding himself. Because yet again he picked you out for your street’s Secret Santa.

I just thought "WTF????"


Re: Plymouth Herald

Posted: 13:20 21 Nov 2017
by Lundan Cabbie
I've never understood why a special delivery of Coca Cola is required at Christmas time yet the rest of the year it still manages to get onto supermarket shelves ;)

Re: Plymouth Herald

Posted: 16:15 21 Nov 2017
by PL2 3DQ
That's terrible and not needed in a local newspaper and he takes the pi$$ out of his readership - Plymothians!
It's more suitable being published in Viz.

But it's job done with the click bait.

Re: Plymouth Herald

Posted: 17:21 21 Nov 2017
by Pogleswoody
"WARNING: This article contains adult content" ??? :think:

S'funny, I read the article and I can't see any adult content at all! :think: