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Re: Dear Simon

Posted: 15:27 23 Apr 2019
by Balham_Green
PL2 3DQ wrote:
Balham_Green wrote:
IJN wrote:
Balham_Green wrote:
IJN wrote: I bet you live in a 'fun' house.

To be that vitriolic at 0530 in the morning??!! :thumbs: :sad: :facepalm:

I'll be out in 15 minutes, enjoying the wonrderful weather, playing golf, looking forward to seeing my granddaughter.

You? Kicking the cat, making up new names for decent folk, and probably looking out off your window hoping to catch a glance of someone tripping over.

Get a life man, the world's depressing enough (Sri Lanka etc) without sad muppets like you spreading their 'wit' around the internet.

Argyle ARE crap, we get that, but why on earth do you and your kind (mouth breathing life suckers) get off on making it even more depressing?

So you wait until 6.11 to be vitriolic.

Whereas you post it any time of day or night! :wtf:

Well if I post anything slightly challenging(especially against the mods) it gets removed. But its OK for you to call somebody a sad muppet.

Nope, only your insults or obnoxious posts are moved elsewhere away from the thread in question.

This is the latest post moved below. Worse than calling somebody a sad muppet is it?

''So before Friday according to many of the experts on here it was Macey. Letheren plays and we let in 3 for first time since December. Macey knockers go very quiet. Also for all the talk of his distribution 3rd goal was Letherens fault for putting Canavan in an almost impossible position. You couldnt make it up''

Re: Dear Simon

Posted: 15:57 23 Apr 2019
by IJN
The difference is, you do it most days, I succumb perhaps once every three months.

As Ian has indicated you are very free to leave this site, <Insert praying smiley>