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Whoops! When is Whitsun?

Posted: 00:27 19 May 2019
by Lundan Cabbie
I have just read with interest the advertising for the Argyle Soccer Roadshows provided by The Argyle Community Trust and It seems that the eye has been taken off the ball about as to when Whitsun falls.

Whit Sunday this year is 9th June. This is because Whit Sunday falls seven weeks after Easter Day.

The Whitsun Bank Holiday was always controversial with the church because it only sometimes fell on the Whitsun weekend. It is why in recent years it has been renamed as the Spring Bank Holiday and schools no longer call it Whitsun Half Term.

I'm sure it wont matter that the advertising put out by the ACT is technically wrong but it is obvious that there is a degree of unawareness in the air.