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Re: Warner & Smith

Posted: 09:18 14 Jun 2019
by Balham_Green
greeneagle wrote:
davie nine wrote: What I find amazing is that the Aussie fast bowlers weren’t punished.
They would surely have known what was going on as the reason for ball tampering was to enable them take advantage of the changed state of the ball.

The umpires inspected the ball, and chose neither to offer the ball to the South African team to replace it if they wished, nor award them five penalty runs, the options available to the umpires under Law 41.3 of the Laws of Cricket.[7] This indicated that the ball had not been altered in any noticeable way.[8]
The bowlers, and in particular, Mitchell Starc, were adamant they knew nothing of the ball tampering plan.

Well they would wouldnt they?!

Re: Warner & Smith

Posted: 09:43 21 Jun 2019
by greeneagle
Another big century, Warner playing a more restrained innings. Smith fails.

England v Australia next Tuesday should be a cracker. England the favourites of course !