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Re: Eng V Aus

Posted: 19:15 11 Jul 2019
by Metal_Green_Mickey
Bermudian Green wrote:
Metal_Green_Mickey wrote: Awesome display. Really well played England.

However, I've watched England a number of times over the last four years and they look fantastic playing this way. Unfortunately, they can lose their heads and sometimes in difficult battling conditions when you need to stick around for a bit and play sensibly for a few overs we can get skittled out easily as a team.

Mind you I do like our approach and its what has served us well in the majority of the games we have played over this World Cup cycle. Roy is an absolute pleasure to watch and what I really like is the flourish he does with his wrist at the end of some of his shots.

The Lords pitch because of its slope does help swing bowlers and one thing Roy and Bairstow dont like is the ball moving back into them. Bairstow is particular vunerable with his strong bottom right hand.

Credit to the team though for bouncing back in the fashion they did when they needed two wins to even qualify for the semi-finals.

Fingers crossed.

But other than that, you're happy we made the World Cup Final?

Tbh, i think i said that when I said "awesome display" and "credit to the team for bouncing back in the fashion they did".

I Just feel our vuneraility as a side is when we lose a wicket. Instead of re-grouping for a few overs, sometimes, we chase the ball to our own downfall. Its just an opinion l have from watching the team.

Re: Eng V Aus

Posted: 19:25 11 Jul 2019
by Shankster

Put a little money where the gob is and get off the couch

Re: Eng V Aus

Posted: 19:39 11 Jul 2019
by Argylegames
Well my gob is well and truly smacked.

I can't believe we won after the battering we took from them in the previous game.

Re: Eng V Aus

Posted: 21:03 11 Jul 2019
by davie nine
Roy, in particular, and Bairstow are crucial to this team. It is no coincidence that Roy was injured when we lost to Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Australia in this tournament.
Hopefully, Bairstow will be fit for the Final.

Re: Eng V Aus

Posted: 10:07 12 Jul 2019
by greeneagle
Terrific win by England, particularly in view of the previous match between these two sides. Well done the Poms, played beautifully. Think it was a very good toss to lose, much more in the pitch early, as demonstrated by the English bowlers.
As the host nation one would expect England to be favourites, just need to get over the Kiwis in the final now.
Play like they did against the Aussies and they will be lifting the trophy!