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Herald Howler

Posted: 08:41 22 Jul 2019
by storming
They excelled themselves, with a big article on the back page, on Saturday 20 July 2019, reporting that Tom Daley has been crowned 2019 World Champion in the Men's 10m Platform event, taking place in Budapest. Tom Daley did win at Budapest, but that was back in 2017. How can they be so bad?

Re: Herald Howler

Posted: 10:31 22 Jul 2019
by r4h4al
Technically it's not a mistake then? :lol:

Re: Herald Howler

Posted: 15:41 30 Jul 2019
by Lundan Cabbie
There are World Championships and there is also a World Series. Easy mistake to make. Not the biggest howler I've ever heard.