by Ottawa Green
» 01:16 12 Aug 2019
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My son is a military police officer in the Canadian Army, he is currently posted to Canadian Forces Base Suffield, in Southern Alberta, he has become a keen collector of Police badges, coins and patches from other police, correctional officers, border officers, prison guards, military police divisions from around the world. This seems to be a popular hobby for law enforcement individuals, I have made contact with a couple of Pasotiites who have connections with such organisations and I am hoping to receive badges/patches etc. from them.
So I am wondering if any other Pasotiites have law enforcement connections who may have access to such items, I believe the normal procedure is to trade for such items and once received I will ask my son to reciprocate.
My son is getting married on Aug 24th and we will be seeing him for the first time in nearly a year.
It should be noted that CFB Suffield is the largest military base in the Commonwealth, yet it only has about 2-300 military personel, but has over 2000 civilians as it is also a chemical research station, but the main attraction is that many countries use the base as a training locations for infantry and tank operations, in fact from May until the autumn Britain send up to nearly 5000 troops for tank training.
So if anyone can possibly help me obtain such badges/patches or coins it would be greatly appreciated.