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Rejoining the EU, and joining the Euro?

Posted: 12:02 02 Sep 2019
by mervyn
It’s interesting how friendships gravitate towards those of similar views. Nearly all my friends are left of centre, which is frustrating for discussion because there is only occasional disagreement.

One thing we are divided on though is the likelihood of Brexit, deal or no deal, and the the possibility of rejoining the EU when we return to a mainly centrist government. I feel that whatever the outcome of the next few weeks, inevitably leading to an election, the whole make-up of the commons will change beyond recognition, with an alliance of centre left/right parties dominating. This is on the assumption of Tories remaining divided, losing all their Scottish seats and some to the Brexit party (if they remain a force after the wrong sort of Brexit in their view), and labour being considered unelectable under Corbyn.

If we’ve Brexited, but have a government comprising a coalition of any mix of labour/lib dems/greens/independents/SNP then a rejoin would appear a distinct possibility. Strictly speaking newcomers are required to join the Euro, which I’m sure would be waived in our case. Having said that, after the economic mess caused by Brexit, joining the Eurozone might be welcomed, despite the system’s many shortcomings.

Is this all fanciful thinking? Give me an opinion.

Re: Rejoining the EU, and joining the Euro?

Posted: 15:47 02 Sep 2019
by Pogleswoody
Oh Mervyn!!

:stir: :stir:

Let's try to get this week over first before you prod the Leavers!! :lol:

Re: Rejoining the EU, and joining the Euro?

Posted: 15:52 02 Sep 2019
by Pogleswoody
Hang on! Is there one copy of this thread for Leavers and one for Remainers?? :think: