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Re: What sort of society will we be post virus?

Posted: 21:01 03 Apr 2020
by Guiri Green
MickyD wrote: But Will we all be Using more or less Random Capitalisations during long Posts? :thumbup:

So Prof, are you a Mortarboard or Elbow Patch type of Guy ?

Not snuggled up under your Star Spangled Comfort Blanket today ? :)

Re: What sort of society will we be post virus?

Posted: 21:10 03 Apr 2020
by MickyD
Um, yeah. OK.

Or summink.

Re: What sort of society will we be post virus?

Posted: 08:19 05 Apr 2020
by Mike E
We are still in the early days of this pandemic, and the true resultant death toll across the world is yet to reveal itself.

How individual countries will reflect on their body count and the preparedness and ability of their system to react will be telling.

All signs are that the US could be at a point that exposes its fear of the protective arm of the state, to look after all its citizens, regardless of their 'economic worth' as its Achilles heel.

Lack of preparedness, in equipment and resources, has also been prevalent in this country, but where we are strides ahead and leading the world, is the example of a society and general national psyche that pulls together and looks after each other regardless of race or creed and in the form of a National Health Service for all.

This backed up by the BBC's continuous updates and direction in comparison to the lack of direction, sniping and confusion between US broadcasters and of course their leadership.

As mentioned, it is early days and we have yet to see where this thing leads, but this could be the catalyst that finally exposes the real weaknesses of the United States and highlight that the national physical and mental state of a nation is just as, if not more, important than its sole reliance on individual wealth and stature.