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The Qatsi Trilogy by Godfrey Reggio

Posted: 17:14 03 Apr 2020
by MickyD
Is there anyone else here who loves Koyaanisqatsi (from the Native American meaning, more or less, "Life Out of Balance", 1992) and the later films Powaqqatsi (Life in Transformation, 1998) and Naqoyqatsi (Life as War, 2002)?

The first one in particular, dealing as it does with humanity overrunning the planet, polluting and technologising and destroying everything we touch - all to a hypnotic Philip Glass score, and all via slow motion and time lapse film techniques - had a huge effect on me.

It's not direclty applicable to the current situation, although it kind of is because "pollution" and "modern technology" were probably still our greatest concerns back then, post-Cold War (but just pre-Internet Cold War, as it turned out). I'm sure it can be bought online somewhere, but in the mean time for those who may be interested, here's a chopped-up (and modest video quality) complete version on YouTube.

The music starts to liven up at about 6.15 in the second segment, although I'd still recommend watching and listening from the beginning, full screen and full volume. The visuals are spectacular right from the start.

Edit: I'm watching it now and I should add that, although on one level it's pretty depressing, it's also a wonderful artistic experience. I'd recommend strong drugs! (I mean max strength paracetamol and the like, of course.)

Re: The Qatsi Trilogy by Godfrey Reggio

Posted: 08:55 04 Apr 2020
by mervyn
My son-in-law put me on to the music some while ago, and I watched the film a lot later. Brilliant, draws you in, especially with larger tv screens.