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Dog Walking during Coronavirus

Posted: 09:24 22 Apr 2020
by Pilgrim_Joe
Frank raised that people were not observing HMGs recommendations with regard to social distancing etc, I'm not sure whether Frank was referring to either Saltash or Feltham (his profile locations), but here in Bidford on Avon, Evesham or Stratford people have mainly been pretty good.

The one area I would say which appears to be more problematic is dog walking - do you lead walk or let your dog walk free?

From the start of the outbreak I've lead walked and yesterday in a closed field with no one else around I let the dog off the lead - she just look at me at first as though to say what do I do now, but eventually moved on and had a nose around. When I saw another person approaching I called her back and put her on the lead.

With the growing number of people I see on my daily walk exercising their dogs off the lead I wondered if I am misinterpreting the advice so checked for the official guidance


the same excerpt is in both

- gatherings of more than two in parks or other public spaces have been banned and the police will enforce this - I've seen this flouted many times recently with groups of 4 etc all stood within 2 metres, and I'm pretty sure they are not family members - all with individual dogs.

if walking your dog in areas used by other people, you should walk your dog on a lead to ensure you can safely keep 2 metres away from others.

Pretty clear to me

If people had control over their dog and it would actually recall, then you could almost understand it, but sadly this is usually not the case.

Makes for some fun dog walks literally having to risk assess your route and pre-plan so you don't place anyone else at risk. :roll: :sigh:

Re: Dog Walking during Coronavirus

Posted: 10:33 22 Apr 2020
by Keepitgreen
I've got 2 dogs and walk them both on the lead. I'd say a good 70% in my area do the same. All walkers that I see observe the 2m (at least) rule.

Re: Dog Walking during Coronavirus

Posted: 17:25 23 Apr 2020
by Pilgrim_Joe
Plymouth's doing better my local area now then KiG - the last few days there's been a marked increase in people stood in the middle of the park with a flinger just letting the dog run free - even with others around.

Possible if the dog will recall, but I've seen few that do.

The park is embedded in a new local estate and is probably only a couple of hundred metres maximum - so you end up nipping round the edge, or if too bad aborting.

The meadow (next to the Avon) is much better, but is visited by a lot of locals and a few of the neighbouring villages - so is too risky in the current climate.

All this lead walking is killing my springer :sad:

Re: Dog Walking during Coronavirus

Posted: 08:30 24 Apr 2020
by Frank_Butcher
Jack Russell on board here. Off lead out in the open with good recall. On lead at the moment when other dogs or groups of people are in sight. We do see other dogs roaming free and approaching ours, but most apply the same principle.