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England cricketers

Posted: 15:34 23 Oct 2020
by Steve Evans
agree a 15% pay must follow in my opinion.

Re: England cricketers

Posted: 15:56 23 Oct 2020
by MickyD
Steve Evans wrote: agree a 15% pay must follow in my opinion.

I'm not saying that many obscenely compensated footballers couldn't happily afford a hefty pay cut, but the situations are completely different.

It's only the relatively tiny ECB paying a relatively tiny pool of central contract cricketers, whereas there are 20 EPL clubs alone, worth countless kajillions, often owned by individuals, companies or sovereign wealth funds to whom a billion quid is a drop in the ocean. If, say, all EPL players took a 15% cut, where would that money go? The ECB needs the money to help see it through; Roman Abramovich does not.