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Scotland’s win. Will it help independence?

Posted: 15:58 13 Nov 2020
by mervyn
From the reaction to yesterday’s win you’d have thought they’d made the last four of the World Cup. However, to prove that everything comes back to politics, Adrian Chiles this morning asked the question, will it help them increase the leave vote, something I had been asking myself.

I think it will. Their win after 25 years in the wilderness nicely co-insides with a growing belief that they can manage their own future better, particularly when you compare Sturgeon’s management over the past year with that of the Johnson shambles and the current pantomime at No 10.

With the majority of Scots also convinced from our Brexit handling that their future would be better by remaining in the EU, according to recent polls, then the result of next year’s election, which will really be a referendum on Independence, looks to me to have only one possible outcome.

Re: Scotland’s win. Will it help independence?

Posted: 23:50 13 Nov 2020
by Mike E
I think your right, their qualification for the Euros will give them a self confidence boost and embolden them.

This coupled with them observing the recent US election results, see the new Biden Administration replacing London with Dublin as the english speaking US front door to the EU and Ireland as a whole benefitting, may embolden them further to rejoining their Celtic cousins in the EU.

They are in the same group as England so the game will have an added tension. It will be 25 years since we've played them in a meaningful game.