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The Northern Defence Line - Forts

Posted: 22:57 23 Apr 2014
by PL2 3DQ
An interesting website shows the Plymouth Northern Defence Line which includes a collection of forts.

From Ernesettle Battery - Agaton Fort - Woodland Fort - Crownhill Fort - Austin Fort and finally to Efford Fort. ... hLine.html

Re: The Northern Defence Line - Forts

Posted: 15:22 01 Jul 2014
by crownhillpilgrim
I certainly remember Buckland Keep - a real odds and sods hardware store.

Re: The Northern Defence Line - Forts

Posted: 15:58 03 Jul 2014
by Moleman
"Palmerstons Follies" so called after Lord Palmerston the then Minister who had them built as defence against a land invasion from the French. They were never used in anger hence the name but there is another argument that like all great deterrents, if they are never used then they have done their job well.

There is an excellent book out called "Ring of Fire" A history of Palmerstons Forts that gives a good background to the planning and building of them. Also the Old Plymouth Society has a publication by Freddy Woodward called "Plymouth's Palmerston Forts" there is also some info in the publication "Laira, Efford & Crabtree: From medieval manor to modern suburbs" By Doreen Mole. Both are well worth a read.

Re: The Northern Defence Line - Forts

Posted: 07:41 07 Jul 2014
by Quinny
Spent many a day mucking about around Woodland Fort as a kid.