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Re: F1 2017

Posted: 10:17 29 Jun 2017
by The-Pilgrim
Well that was eventful!

Apparently the FIA are looking into the Vettel/Hamilton incident, hope they leave it alone, Vettel got his punishment and it affected his race. If he'd taken Hamilton out then Vettel should have been disqualified but lets move on! If Hamilton's head rest hadn't come loose then he would have won the race, that isn't Vettel's fault.

Re: F1 2017

Posted: 10:18 03 Aug 2017
by The-Pilgrim
That's F1 done for the summer break then, not a classic in Hungary but Vettel extending his lead sets the championship up nicely, can't help but wonder if Lewis may regret giving Bottas back that 3rd place come the end of the season!

Good to see a couple of young Brits getting a chance in the test, George Russell and Lando Norris both looked good for Mercedes and McLaren respectively. Robert Kubica back in an F1 car too, and looking quick!

Re: F1 2017

Posted: 21:22 04 Aug 2017
by MickyD
I think Hamilton earned himself a lot of Brownie points in the sport for giving back third place - and he would have been vilified if he'd kept it. Anyway, if it gets to the point where he's clearly the only driver left challenging Vettel, I'm sure he'll be expecting three points and more back off Bottas. All in all, a good trade-off, I think - especially when you think that not to have given back third place would probably have landed him with another ugly Rosberg-like rivalry for the rest of the season, which would have course have played right into Ferrari's and Vettel's hands.

As for Kubica - as if Jolyon Palmer weren't under enough pressure already! Still, he hasn't exactly lit up the sport with his personality or his driving, has he?

Edited to add: I'm all for correct English but to my amazement I see that some Pasoti bot or other has auto-"corrected" my already perfectly correct "would-of-course" to the ridiculous "would have course" - presumably to prevent people using the incorrect "would-of-done" etc. instead of "would have done". Unbefrickinlievable.