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Re: Mo Farah

Posted: 11:43 01 Feb 2017
by Pogleswoody
Yes when the Tory/Liberal Alliance took power after the General Election, I just accepted that they had won democratically and that what the majority wanted was Cameron and Clegg in power.
So I just accepted it completely, backed their policies and defended them against criticism.
My lifelong held beliefs just went right out of the window as, obviously, my fellow citizens wanted the road cleared for tuition fees and BoJo as Foreign Secretary.

That is democracy .. right?? :facepalm:

Re: Mo Farah

Posted: 17:59 01 Feb 2017
by Martyn
Greenrod wrote:
Ave_IT wrote:
Greenrod wrote:
Ave_IT wrote:
Greenrod wrote: Oh, where were you when Obama banned Iraqi's from entering the US for 6 months and when he promised to shut down Guantanamo Bay but never did?

What the F*** has that got to do with the price of tea in China?

You were the one pontificating about checking facts - sorry to embarrass you.

Not embarrassed at all - especially when the Washington Post is using info from the Daily Beast - a lefty rag involved with false accusations during the Trump campaign.
Looks like gas lighting to me.

You are embarrassing yourself and can't even see it.

So the Washington Post is conned by a leftie rag but you believe

How about Sky news or Channel 4 fact checkers? - or dozens of others I could quote or even Trump's own F'king spokesmen who squirmed all over the place in the press conference this afternoon 'clarifying' the nonsensical 109 figure (did you see that?). Try these - and by the way they also rubbish the smokescreen you've swallowed about comparisons with Obama's ban. ... p-10749909 ... n-refugees

Wallow in your own alternative, fact-free flat-Earth if you like - I can't be arsed anymore.

You remind me of a Brexit remoaner - Trump is President, get over it.

Trouble is why should we get over it.

If we want to criticise trump and brexit, why can't we, it is called freedom of speech. If I am a remoaner so what !!!!!!

I can't believe or understand why you would want to support a toe rag like trump.

I know you will say, he was elected, but my god what a choice.

The USA will come to regret this, like voting for Brexit.

Re: Mo Farah

Posted: 23:13 01 Feb 2017
by Stan
Let it go Marty.