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NASA's Mission to Mars.

Posted: 18:43 22 Feb 2017
by Liam Vercoe
I see earlier on this month NASA announced they were going to test the feasibility of having men (or women) on the first flight in their testing for the Mars missions. ... -and-orion

As someone who loves manned space flights like the Apollo missions and who wasn't around in the late 60s-70s for the moon missions I'm so excited for the Mars missions and this seems like a huge step in the right direction (although chances are they won't risk people on the first test run).

I believe the American government also want to go back to the moon, so at least Trump is doing something right... :whistle:

Re: NASA's Mission to Mars.

Posted: 19:58 22 Feb 2017
by The Doctor
I (literally) just read an article in the February edition of Scientific American outlining research done on the impact of cosmic radiation on the brains of astronauts (actually it was on the impact of simulated cosmic radiation on the brains of mice, but the rationale behind the work was to do with human space travel). Apparently, apart from the difficulties of building big enough rockets to get people to Mars and finding some way to sustain them when they get there, the most significant challenge is likely to be finding some way to prevent the astronauts brains being fried by radiation, and the cognitive damage that would result.

So, you might be waiting quite a long time for this to come to fruition. [sorry!]

Re: NASA's Mission to Mars.

Posted: 20:12 22 Feb 2017
by Liam Vercoe
Dammit Doc! :D to be fair I'm sure I heard NASA's planned schedule is to have a man on Mars by the late 2020s. Here's hoping they think to sort out the radiation problem.

Re: NASA's Mission to Mars.

Posted: 02:39 24 Feb 2017
by signalspast
Can I volunteer some individuals I know???? There will be no problem with their brains being fried in fact would probably be an improvement