by Ade the green
» 12:24 04 May 2017

As we have found out to our cost for the last 2 seasons before this, there are so many ways a team can get nonced up in the play offs. Lose any 1 of two in the semis by a clear margin and unfortunately all the prep for Wembley is for nought.

Even getting to Wembley, it's such a huge gamble that the slimmest of result can leave you completely mortified for the whole of the close season. What a horrible way to not be promoted.

With that in mind, I'd just like to wish every team except Exeter in the playoffs all the luck and good fortune you require to make sure their best season for a long time will end with nothing to show for it.

Guess they might get a Paul Smith suit to show for it!

Good luck Carlisle,
Good luck Blackpool,
Good luck Luton.