by Millbridgemike
» 12:48 18 Jul 2016
Site Admin

Simon has again fixed the problems.

1. A number of teams had 5 players and a extra 50,000. They now have 5 players.
2. Bulvitis, Bradley and Osborne are all now available. So if you previously thought you had picked these players and want them go in and sell some of your players and purchase them
3. Brigga you have 6 players instead of 5, I will tell Simon to remove one of them, and if it's someone you really want you will have to sell one to buy another
4. We now have 25 teams
5. 2 teams are entered Shortbred and argyleinexile but they have not picked any players yet.
6. If you find any other errors/problems let me know as soon as possible so we can fix them before the season starts