by Aaron D.
» 10:02 22 Feb 2019

I lived in South Korea for two years and followed Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors (I know :facepalm: ) in a world cup stadium from 2002. Capacity 40,000, average attendance 10,000. Organised chanting, choreagraphed by a man not watching any of the football.... They did however play in green, albeit like our bright away kit of a couple of years ago. Y.know, lime green.

This season I am a season ticket holder at Dijon FCO in France's Ligue 1. The quality of football is good, like a top championship club. But when you see PSG or Lyon it's a completely different class. The club are a bit like Argyle, average attendances of 10,000, redeveloping their ground. I'm going tonight to watch a league match against St Etienne. The atmosphere is a bit flat, even when they're doing well. They too have orchestrated chanting and singing. I can't stand it, there is no spontaneity.

Back home to watch Argyle next month, I can't wait.