by Top6utd
» 00:06 17 Jul 2019

I frankly just wanted a forum to express my opinion and hope on a certain matter. If anyone feels they want to add anything, by all means feel free. Otherwise, I hope you enjoyed reading my strange opinion and hopes for the future

My hopeful England World Cup 2022 team and squad...ish. Yes, one of those posts.

Sterling Kane

Henderson A. Arnold

Rose Walker
Gomez Dier



Manager: Rudi Garcia... I know, I know

Wan bissaka
Ward prowse
Loftus cheek

My reasons: Whilst we simply don't have the comparable characters to win the next World Cup, I do think a smart exciting experienced manager who's capable of communicating with these lads mentalities, is long overdue. Wingers have constantly let England down, and I feel this is the most suitable system befitting our current crop of English talents, which fits Rudi's exciting style. Hopefully, England can learn to let opponents get the first goal in the closing stages of a tournament, and then make a clever concise typically dramatic English comeback. I also believe the lineup I hope to see is clever reliable experienced and exciting, with as much character and balance as possible. I can obviously only pick players around now. As well as having a vibrant bench giving us even more excitement and hope for the future. At the very least, whilst there are always flaws with any system, I hope you'll agree it gives excitement, and yes that word again...hope!!