by htfc_morris
» 19:27 03 Sep 2019

Hello everyone,

I have recently written a book about my team Huddersfield Town which charts what happened next for each and every player that has ever played a game for the club. Where Are They Now is a comprehensive guide to what happened next for all the favourites over the years and also the least favourite ones!!

I know that this is probably a niche thing but I know that there’s a lot of football fans out there that collect football books and their collections are not necessarily limited to the team that they support. There's a fair few former Plymouth players in the book including Paul Dalton, Simon Collins, Richard Logan, Chris Billy and Kevin Blackwell to name a few. Perhaps your favourite player is in the book too!

I thought I’d let you know of the book’s existence and if you’d like a copy the link is here; ... 1912027607

Thanks for your time and if you manage to get a copy of the book, you won’t be disappointed!!

Good luck for the season