by Mazza26
» 12:10 08 Feb 2010

Whelan11 wrote: We've got the toughest group out of the lot. No walk-overs there.

You are joking aren't you?
If we look at the Euros over the past two tournamants:
England - knocked out QF
Greece - winners

England - dnq
Greece - knocked out group stages

So England are in Pot 1 for some strange reason, even taking in account the pathetic record in euros and get probably the easiest group (just like the world cup group in SA.) Now don't get me wrong, the Swiss are fairly decent (7/10). Bulgaria lost against Cyprus in the last qualifying stages and have a poor record of late (4), Wales are poor (3) and Montenegro aren't great, but may cause an upset. (3)

So basically 1 threat and a load of ok/poor teams. Don't get me wrong, there isn't a San Marino in the group but fairly straightforward with players averaging 60-80k a week.

Greece have Croatia (7) Israel (6) Latvia (6) Georgia (2) Malta (1)
Four strong teams, 1 poor and 1 awful.

So along with Holland and Italy, England, I feel, have the easiest group.