by Camberwick Green
» 11:38 08 Feb 2010

ground hop

What a contrast between the game at grass roots and at Premier League levels.
This looks to be something that has required a good deal of organisation all aimed at accommodating genuine 24 carat fans rather than those that simply watch football on tv.
It could be argued that messing about with kick off times goes against the grain, against tradition, whatever the level but it seems to me that it's being done for a good reason.
I've got tons more respect for the supporter who knows his/her Foxhole Stars from his/her Godolphin Atlantic than I have for those whose opinions are based on what Andy Gray or Jamie Redknapp told them on the telly.

I wonder what Mousehole fans think about having to start at 11 on a Friday morning instead of the conventional 3 o/c on a Saturday afternoon.
And is a similarly early k.o. time on the Saturday going to dissuade Dobwalls fans from undertaking the "long ol' poke" to Perranporth?

All in all though, a good thing in my opinion and I hope it's a success.