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Re: Colchester 26th Feb.

Posted: 21:57 30 Jan 2011
by Gary McGuire
count me in great idea st holder

Posted: 21:58 30 Jan 2011
by pilgrim_pete
I'm in, with a few others.

ST holders. Cracking idea, and is a great day out for those who haven't sampled corporate before.

Posted: 21:59 30 Jan 2011
by Ian Newell
Stickied by me, and I'll get a few to come along Steve.

Posted: 22:05 30 Jan 2011
by ZeeZan6
After talking to the big man yesterday, I understand the main aim is to encourage non-ST holders to come and experience an Argyle day out.
£20 for match ticket + Beer + Pasty is a very good deal, and the more that come, the better.
I will be there, and hoping to bring a few friends who don't normally attend games.

Posted: 22:38 30 Jan 2011
Non season ticket holder here, I'm up for it.

Re: Colchester 26th Feb.

Posted: 22:40 30 Jan 2011
by merchant seaman
pontypoolgreen wrote: An "Argyle friend" of mine is using the Pyramid Suite on this day to encourage people to come to the Club and sample a little piece of Corporate hospitality.

The Deal is a matchday ticket, a beer and a curry/pie/pasty.

The cost will be £20 all inclusive.

If you already have a Season Ticket you can attend have a drink and food for £6 or bring a friend for £20 and your drink/food will be included.

It's all about raising awareness of the Hospitality at the Club and also raising some much needed cash for the Club.

Please let me know if you are interested by posting on this thread and letting me know your ticket situation.

many thanks, Ponty.

I'm a non season ticket holder (due to my job). I'm in this "little gathering" and have 4 guests coming. 2 ST holders and 2 that don't go to Argyle at all. Hopefully the 2 non ST holders might just be surprised. Fingers crossed anyway.


Posted: 23:15 30 Jan 2011
by tonycholwell
ST Holder, who loves a curry:)

If too many apply, I'll happily give up my place though.

Posted: 23:18 30 Jan 2011
by greenmarc
Count me in mate and better put Wozzer down mate as by the time he gets his internet fixed the spaces will probably be full :) :) :) :) :)

Posted: 23:19 30 Jan 2011
by Ottawa Green
Will there be a game that day?

Posted: 23:21 30 Jan 2011
Rumours of a special guest that will be MCing the event. I wont reveal who it is but it's me.

Posted: 23:35 30 Jan 2011
by tonycholwell
HBLC wrote: Rumours of a special guest that will be MCing the event. I wont reveal who it is but it's me.

What???? We dont get Johnny Hore?

Posted: 06:56 31 Jan 2011
by Leigh Rapson
Count me in Ponty.... also two others, so three in total. Any slippery nipples available on the day?? :)

Posted: 10:21 31 Jan 2011
by The Doctor
Just a thought, but doesn't the fact that loads of very regular PASOTIites are saying "count me in on this one" rather defeat the overall purpose? Surely if the idea is to raise awareness of the corporate hospitality bit then the goal should be to get out to local businesses who currently don't use Argyle for "wining and dining" to entice them along to this to show them how they could be using the club's offer in this way.