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Posted: 09:13 16 Feb 2011
by tonycholwell
argyleiggy wrote:
tonycholwell wrote:
argyleiggy wrote:
PL2 3DQ wrote: It could be two-fold.
As well as a protest march, the lap around the stadium should also be about celebrating Argyle.
Celebrate Argyle in the "lap of honour" with the protest taking place in the top car park.
The "lap of honour" should be aimed at the staff, players and Reid and then the focus changed when we reach the top car park where the Directors are the target.

Flags and banners need to be used but please no jester hats. :)

I think the celebrating Argyle could be done by supporting the players in the game. Johnny Vaughn levelled some very good criticism at the last protest that there wasn't a clear focal point for the protest, although we may have known what is was about, others didn't. I propose that the focal point should be players or football not property, (which has got us into this mess).

Iggy, hate to say it, but you need an Ian or Sean or someone similar to arrange it otherwise it will be a fiasco :)

You needa clear objective, start time, and route and what your end goal is. In the meantime you need someone to liase with protesters and someone/same person to liase with media to get it the publicity you need.

Best of luck

Need someone to hold your hand do you?
I am putting the objective up for discussion (property not players),2pm is the start time, the route is outside HP :? end goal is letting the board know we are not happy, the media read this and do you know what? I am able to send e-mail or make a phone call. If you would rather munch on prawn sarnies or just sit there saying why this won't happen, then jog on mate, I don't think you would be a lot of help anyway.

It is a pity that something that was written in a constructive manner should fall on deaf ears. But "things" rarely happen without someone/some people making them happen, ask Leigh or Ian, was all I was saying.

At least you have moved from no organisation to "I am able to send e-mail or make a phone call" thtas progress, but the media wont be intterested unless you liase and excite them. One man and his dog walking around HP isnt quite front page news.

ps I'm not keen on prawn sandwiches unless its freshly cooked langoustines on ciabattta , with a little dressing and Ive yet to see that at HP. In the meantime I'll stick to an Ivor.

Posted: 10:43 16 Feb 2011
by FordGreen
mrrapson wrote: [img][img][/img]

Uploaded with[/img]

Uploaded for FordGreen who deosnt have access at work.

Thanks Leigh. C'mon peeps, download and get 'em in the post asap! :grin: