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Posted: 13:07 26 Feb 2011
by Green_Matt
Can't say I'm particularly angry with Stapleton on this one. It seems like all the board have practically given up any sort of true leadership in the situation anyway.

Posted: 14:07 26 Feb 2011
by Ernie
bandwagon wrote:
Ernie wrote: The time for 'investment' was as soon after the last promotion as possible and certainly when the likes of Pulis & Holloway were at the club. The trouble was that Stapleton and his pals did not want to lose control and why should potential investors buy in when it would be their money being used ? Stapleton and co. wouldn't consider selling the club to people capable of the sort of financial backing necessary to retain and attract good players and staff.Peter Jones has referred to this many times.
By the time they had lost Holloway and his team, panic was setting in but they still chose to stay involved and go the property development route, as well as supporting Luggy in some poor decision making. The club had just had the heart ripped out of it playing wise and the whole country knew we were a small time selling club.
Every time this club is on the verge of the big time we bottle it.

I've been banging on about this for the last 5 years - we missed the boat because Stapleton and co, could never invest the sort of money that we needed to step up a gear!! They just could not let go of their 'baby', which strangely enough was very much created by Dan, of all people - he initiated the building of the 3 sides and appointed the Massiah, Sturrock!! All too late now of course, but my gripe goes back many years with Stapleton - in my view not forward thinking, whilst weak and naive when inviting in the other lot!! :( :( :( :(

What is more frustrating is that very few on here seem to understand :?
Now that the majority have finally turned on Stapes and co. there are still those who claim he only did what we were asking for........... what absolute bollox.Too little, too late and for all the wrong reasons.
People don't seem to understand the bigger picture and what is needed to develop the fanbase, rather than calling them apathetic janners.
Ho hum.......... maybe next time.

ps I wouldn't be at all surprised if Stapleton and his supporters over the years, still 'don't get it' .

Posted: 04:15 27 Feb 2011
by Chairman_Mao
IJN wrote:
Chairman_Mao wrote: If we can think of something we can leave as a gift at reception I will happily drop it off. Flowers with a message for the Duke and Duchess?

I've had pledges of £60.00, plus my £20.00 gives us a £80.00.

Could you deliver a card, addressed to The Stapletons, and then inside place the words:-

To Lord and Lady Stapleton

From the Green Army

Wish you were here.

Then I suggest a bunch of flowers and a fine sparkling wine.

If you could PM me with your bank details, I'll transfer the money to you.


Consider it done. No need for the money - use it for something more deserving!