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Re: Staff wage deferrals (Confirmed)

Posted: 07:36 10 Jun 2011
by Shadowknight
Devonportender wrote: Interesting that mason & nelson have had their wages paid up to stop them leaving the club, wonder if the high earners like Johnson will be mistreated in an attempt to get them to walk out sighting non payment of wages.

The PFA would not be happy if so.

Re: Staff wage deferrals (Confirmed)

Posted: 07:54 10 Jun 2011
by bandwagon
cheshiregreen wrote: Herald covers story at last!

Argyle has received £100,000, with another 'milestone' instalment due next week.

Peter Ridsdale, acting Argyle chairman, said the money has been used to pay staff and players, but has not been enough to cover all the payments.

Staff have been offered 30 per cent of June's salary in the next few days, with a further 20 per cent guaranteed by the end of the month, he said.

Chris Webb, acting Argyle Fans' Trust chairman, said: "It is not fair to continue to rely on the goodwill of people who have already given far more than they should ever have been asked to give."

The Fan's Trust has called on the buyers to provide funding in order to pay staff, and on administrators to explain the situation.

Brendan Guilfoyle, lead administrator, said: "I note and understand the concerns of the Argyle Fans' Trust but I am bound by confidentiality under a number of agreements which makes it impossible to respond to many of these comments.

"I have asked to meet the Fans' Trust at the earliest opportunity and I am grateful to the club's fans for their continued support in very difficult circumstances."

Mark Russell, secretary of the Green Taverners, who have led a hardship fund for long-suffering staff, said supporters have raised £75,000 in recent months. The money is currently helping support more than 50 non-playing Argyle staff – but donations are dwindling as the season is over and ground collections can no longer take place.

Mr Russell said he knows of staff who feel they had no choice than to take redundancy.

"Any other job and I think people would have walked away," he said. "But a lot of the staff are fans or have been here for a long time.

"People are struggling to pay bills, are borrowing money from friends and family. There's only so long that can go on."

He urged supporters and past directors to donate whatever they can to the staff fund appeal.

I will say this again - I can think of no other industry where these employees would still be in place, virtually 6 months on!! I think hey were poorly advised on their employment rights at the beginning and should have kicked up then - once these suits knew they could manipulate them, they just use the same scare/emotional tactics thereon in!! The wonderful actions of the 3 groups that collected the £75k has been a beacon in this mess but the reality is that the wage bill for these workers is about £100k per month, was never going to plug the gap!! The more we hear about this club, the deeper the wound gets - I think we could be the biggest club to go under, followed many more!!

Re: Staff wage deferrals (Confirmed)

Posted: 08:30 10 Jun 2011
by GreenTaverners
Having spoken to the Herald yesterday and also many of you will see this is today the Front Page story on the Herald, we have spoken to numerous members of staff who are blown away by the support of the Fans, they have also said that they wouldn't have been able to stay if it wasn't for the supporters in their donations.

Having had a £5k anonymous donation last night will enable us to make a payment of £100 to the staff each next week, however we still need to keep raising the funds, I agree this should not be the fans who pay this and the club should pay the wages, however while this isn't happening we need to keep funds coming in.

If anyone has any fundraising ideas please feel free to contact me

Re: Staff wage deferrals (Confirmed)

Posted: 08:37 10 Jun 2011
by Laughter My Ploy

I've mentioned this on a couple of threads....but how about approaching the club to let the Trust/Pasoti/Taverners run the Bristol City friendly....with the proceeds going to the staff fund

It would give those groups and others (the suprorters clubs) to work together....they could promote it in a way that would boost the crowd hopefully....and give a chance for the people of Plymouth to show they care

Disadvantages I would be a bit of an admission of failure of the part of the admin Risdale and the PB (but also good pr)...and I'm sure there are many other things against it

If the staff are all paid up by then all well and good....but might be worth a go

Re: Staff wage deferrals (Confirmed)

Posted: 09:47 10 Jun 2011
by Ade
Calendar Boys.

How about a special one off commemorative calendar with players and staff doing it in the vein of the previous Calendar girls idea? Could be titled "Show us your balls" with everyone taking part covering up using an Argyle football. Calendar would be season long as opposed to an annual one with space on it to write notes of the particular trauma or success each month.

Dedicate it to the staff and make it a collectors edition so the price could be higher than normal. Certainly a newsworthy story and who knows Sky may pick it up and we get other supporters buying it? Surely have printers and photographers who would help out? Wasnt Cheesy Chips a really good photographer?

Other ideas are another auction, but this auction to be hosted exclusively on ebay to make it easier to administer and all items to be unique Argyle experiences as opposed to signed shirts etc, for example, bid to be in the dressing room at half time etc

Re: Staff wage deferrals (Confirmed)

Posted: 09:56 10 Jun 2011
by Greenblooded1
Peter_dout wrote: This is interesting ... 47522.html

Garry Wilson was giving advice to the Leeds board from January 2003, so when the plc went into administration, he decided his firm, Ernst and Young, should not carry out the investigation into the directors, and an independent accountant, Brendan Guilfoyle, was appointed.

And now Brenda is involved with letting Risdale off the hook at Leeds? Mmmmm....

Re: Staff wage deferrals (Confirmed)

Posted: 12:17 10 Jun 2011
by rich
Having read the article but not all of this thread (it's understandably grown quickly!) - I just wanted to add my disgust and outrage that there are those who are suffering because of what has happened.

I am sickened by the way this football club has been dragged through the mud with this lingering ongoing crap with anonimity of the so called preferred bloody bidders and the way that staff are forced to subsist whilst the M7 got us into this mess

I just can't support the club whilst this goes on, it goes beyond football now...

I have no faith or confidence in the future of this club, I'm afraid... and it will take a lot to coax me back supporting them at Home Park until I'm convinced that those in charge have the best interests of the club at heart.

Re: Staff wage deferrals (Confirmed)

Posted: 13:52 10 Jun 2011
by Devonportender
Not read all of this so sorry if already talked about. 8 staff have now left including 3 of the 4 groundstaff. :(

Re: Staff wage deferrals (Confirmed)

Posted: 20:01 10 Jun 2011
by lee_wsm
are the pb not paying staff due to lack of money or taking advantage of fans paying the staff