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Trust proposes to write-off £7,000 Loan to GTs

Posted: 12:30 19 Jun 2011
by Chris Webb
Afternoon All

MODS - I know its cheeky but could this one stay on the main page?..... We need as much feedback as possible in order to get the right decision on this one.

Following a vote amongst the ISC the policy outlined / linked below has been agreed.

We are now asking for members views on the proposal to write-off the loans that were made to the GTs during the course of last season.

Members can contribute to the debate by sending views to by no later than 12noon on Saturday.

I hope that members will see this as a positive and another move which we hope will strengthen further the Trust / GTs relationship which is now stronger than ever.

We look forward to receiving your views before a final decision is made on Saturday (Based on the membership feedback).

For non-internet users the Herald and WMN will be promoting with consultation during the week. It is difficult to catch everyone during such a short period but as this is a consultation and not a vote the Trust website, email database, PASOTI and the Herald should reach a very wide audience.

As always non-members are more than welcome to leave views on this thread but those will not be part of the final analysis of membership feedback to the Trust email address.

Chris ... 9.6.11.pdf

Proposed write off of AFT loans to the Green Taverners

Earlier this year, the Argyle Fans’ Trust provided two payments to the Green Taverners (GTs), at the GTs request, as follows:

 £2,000 on 9th March 2011, to assist with payment of necessary costs for the team and club officials for its away matches at Hartlepool and Carlisle United;

 £5,000 on 20th April 2011, as a contribution to the emergency staff hardship fund, at a time when the GTs funds were relatively low, but the staff need was extreme.

At the time, the ISC took a fairly strict interpretation of its own adopted Rules (essentially that the Trust was set up to address longer term issues, while the GTs came into existence to address short term ones), as a result of which it was mutually agreed that these should be considered as loans.

At the time, this distinction between the various activities of supporters was a suitable arrangement. The Trust was new and we didn’t have a full understanding of what our future costs might be, while the relationship with the GTs was in its infancy. Time has moved on. In a few weeks, we should have new owners, whose responsibility it will be to fund the operations of the club in full. The fund-raising needs, we all hope, will move away from emergency support to staff and team and more towards projects that supporters decide are worthy ones within the club.

At the same time, the Trust’s membership numbers have grown, and continue to do so, such that we have ample funds to conduct our main remaining activities during this year (and before the next set of membership fees become due) namely, the conduct of elections, the production and distribution of share certificates, and minor expenses. It is possible, even likely, that major fundraising will be necessary in the future but no allowance is necessary for that yet.

The Trust is not in existence to support the day to day running of the club, our Rules do not include for this. It is, however, able to ...“do anything else which is necessary or expedient to achieve its objectives.” (Powers No. 4n). These payments were not to contribute to the day to day operations of a functional club but were extraordinary ones required to help to ensure its survival, clearly something that is within our remit.

Over the period since the loans were made, the linkage between the GTs and the Trust/ISC has grown to the extent that a situation in the near future can easily be foreseen where the GTs acts to raise funds with/for the Trust. Having a debt in such a situation would clearly be ridiculous. The forthcoming elections for the Trust will see it becoming a more representative and member-driven organisation. In this context this stronger relationship can flourish, and the removal of the debt is a first but very important step in achieving that.

So, it is felt that it is both acceptable (from the standpoint of our Rules), and highly appropriate in terms of the current context, that the £7,000 debt is written off.

The ISC has adopted this by majority vote; AFT members will have a consultation period from today, Sunday 19th June, until midday Saturday 25th June to respond, if they wish, to with their views either way on the proposal to write off the debt; please quote your membership number in your email. Such a consultation will enable the ISC to gauge the view of the membership. Of course, non members can post their views on PASOTI or other internet facilities.

The decision will be ratified, or reversed, dependent upon the results of that consultation, during the afternoon of Saturday 25th June. If the outcome of the consultation is marginal, then the matter will revert to a meeting of the ISC on Monday 27th June.

Peter Ryan, for the Interim Steering Committee, 19th June 2011

Re: Trust proposes to write-off £7,000 Loan to GTs

Posted: 12:36 19 Jun 2011
by Leigh Rapson
This for me us the most impressive thing the trust could have done.

Such a brave decision to make, kudos to the isc members who have stuck by there convictions, anyone who may have disagreed, shame on you! :)

Absolutely phenomenal news, I hope the members see that this is the best thing that could happen for the trust, the gt's and the staff.

I have resisted joining as I didn't see the trust going anywhere but with Chris in charge I have changed my mind, will be joining tonight.

Well done Chris!

Re: Trust proposes to write-off £7,000 Loan to GTs

Posted: 12:50 19 Jun 2011
by Graham Evans
Have to agree with mrrapson . Well done to the trust.A good working relationship between the trust and the taverers will i believe be invaluable in the times to come.I urge everybody to join the trust asap.

Re: Trust proposes to write-off £7,000 Loan to GTs

Posted: 12:57 19 Jun 2011
by Sue Pollard
Wow … I’m with you Leigh on this one!

Being a member myself, I would be more than happy for this to go ahead. I think the Trust has made an excellent move here and I see this as a positive move.

To me, this gesture will give the opportunity to strengthen the relationship between the GT’s / Trust for the future and good of our club.

Well done to all concerned … I’m impressed with this :appl: :appl:

Re: Trust proposes to write-off £7,000 Loan to GTs

Posted: 13:17 19 Jun 2011
by Kevin_Gollop
As a Trust member I fully back this move, fantastic news! Keep up the good work guys :mrgreen:

Re: Trust proposes to write-off £7,000 Loan to GTs

Posted: 13:19 19 Jun 2011
by Trev501
Yup! Certainly fine with me.

Re: Trust proposes to write-off £7,000 Loan to GTs

Posted: 13:59 19 Jun 2011
by Suffolk Green
As a Trust member - I would give this proposal the Green light.

Re: Trust proposes to write-off £7,000 Loan to GTs

Posted: 14:01 19 Jun 2011
by A J Bayram
Fine by me too.

Memebrship # 16


Re: Trust proposes to write-off £7,000 Loan to GTs

Posted: 15:08 19 Jun 2011
by Ian Newell
As a member, I'm very pleased with this decision.

Membership number 486 sir!!

Re: Trust proposes to write-off £7,000 Loan to GTs

Posted: 15:32 19 Jun 2011
by Ottawa Green
As a non-member, I'm very pleased with this decision. :appl:

Re: Trust proposes to write-off £7,000 Loan to GTs

Posted: 16:08 19 Jun 2011
by monkeywrench
I'm a trust member and fully endorse this proposal. I have pm'd Chris to advise my membership details.

Re: Trust proposes to write-off £7,000 Loan to GTs

Posted: 16:08 19 Jun 2011
by GreenTaverners
This is a great move by the trust and I must say a massive thanks to the trust ISC for this move especially Chris for your support over the last few weeks, the trust and green taverners have worked extremely closely over the last few weeks and this is just more proof of the hard work by Chris.

Mark Russell
Green Taverners

Re: Trust proposes to write-off £7,000 Loan to GTs

Posted: 16:09 19 Jun 2011
by esmer
OK with me.