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Re: Update "Contingency" Plan Meeting 1/8/11 (Q&A pages 18,1

Posted: 14:09 07 Aug 2011
by esmer
oggyale wrote: Just out of interest,will the global financial crisis disrupt the two parties that are interested in buying the club,and for their plans regarding PCC land that they are allowed to develop on too ?.

Or is that a non-issue.

Perversely the financial crisis might even help, property would be seen as a better investment than stocks and shares at the moment.

Re: Update "Contingency" Plan Meeting 1/8/11 (Q&A pages 18,1

Posted: 15:27 08 Aug 2011
by stewthenoo
marin(er) wrote:
pilgrimage wrote:
marin(er) wrote:

For god's sake why are people responding to his comments. Just leave him/her in his own little world. No more responses to him/her. please.

Another pack member?

Why would you recommend people do that then? Because I want the club to get through this? Because I want the potentially catastrophic letters to the FA stopped? Because I want potentially highly destructive contacts to stop being posted on here saying let's lobby these people, let's send a petition to these?
You all have done your utmost to sabotage what is potentially the ONLY life line this club has... And why?
You can all say don't reply and the likes, fine. But why?
I will continue to post and will continue to put my opinions across, no need to reply if you don't want to.
I will also keep asking about the development plans for the Brent plan.
I will also support my club through this season and every other season for my life until I feel there is a need to withdraw that, just lik most of you are currently doing.
So, get back pack!!

Are you also able to articulate similar questions towards the PREFERRED BID (there- did you see what I did?) or are you so 100% sure and aware of the PBs intentions/timescales/ability to fund now and going forward/involvement with the PCC.......(add all other questions asked of the contingency plan), that you don't need to? Perhaps, in that case, you would be so kind as to lay them out for all of us to understand?
I say this, not as one of the PACK, but one who wishes to understand where BOTH sides are coming from.

As I have stated several times before, I still have not renewed my season ticket and will not until I see a reason to do so. The failure of the PB and possible adoption of the contingency bid, is not necessarily a point at which that will happen.

Re: Update "Contingency" Plan Meeting 1/8/11 (Q&A pages 18,1

Posted: 01:30 09 Aug 2011
by rose
looks like I best buy myself a lottery ticket