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» 12:20 07 Sep 2011

September news. Updated as it happens.

Players and staff are frustrated at not getting paid, Carl Fletcher said: "Everyone is at breaking point. People are giving 100 per cent every day and not getting anything back. It is disappointing how staff have been treated.

The players threaten to go on strike for the game against Burton, the situation receives national coverage. Just before boarding the team coach on Friday a deal was struck with the administrators P and A Partnership whereby the players and staff would receive 40% of their wages for September.

P and A release a statement:
"The joint administrators of Plymouth Argyle Football Company Limited (in administration) have confirmed that all staff (both players and other employees) have today been paid 40 per cent of their September wages on the basis of an agreement that they will continue to work up to and including 15 September 2011. The money has been paid direct into their bank accounts today. The P&A Partnership would like to stress that legal formalities are taking longer than anticipated to complete. However, Bishop International Ltd and Plymouth (125) Limited have both stated that they remain confident that they will be able to conclude the transaction shortly."

Peter Ridsdale is in London having talks with three businessmen including James Brent.
Ridsdale and David Hinchliffe then flew to Monaco for talks with a possible new owner.

Argyle lose 2-1 away to Burton and remain bottom of League Two. New loan signings Simon King and Jamie Griffiths make their debuts.

Brighton fans hatch a plan to support Argyle in our hour of need with a Fans Re-United Day on Saturday 24th September at Home Park when Argyle play Macclesfield.
The Brighton fans will also promote our plight in their home televised game against Leeds United the day before.
Fans of all clubs are invited to Home Park on the 24th.

Trust Chairman Chris Webb gives an interview to new internet TV channel Sports Night Live.

A Red Card protest is arranged by the Argyle Fans’ Trust for the home game against Port Vale.
Red cards will be handed out to fans at the turnstiles.

Administrator Brendan Guilfoyle is back from holiday but cancels an interview with TalkSport.

Three of Kevin Heaney’s companies, including TCFC, are in court because of an unpaid £10,000 debt to Foot Anstey.
The former owner of Oxford United Firoz Kassam was reportedly in talks with Ridsdale to takeover Argyle.
Kassam still owns the stadium and surrounding land at Oxford but it seems he has decided against buying Argyle.
Guilfoyle again cancels an interview with TalkSport.

Heaney insists his deal will be completed and says the delay is down to the Football League, he said: "Proof of security has been provided to the administrator's lawyers and it's up to the Football League to accept that position.
"The Football League has to be satisfied that they (Bishop International) don't just have money today, but for the next year or two.
"It's a matter for the Football League to sanction the deal and I think they're meeting tomorrow (Thursday)."

The Red Card protest organised by the Fans' Trust at the Port Vale game has now changed to a Green Card.

The administrators are now inviting other bidders to return to the negotiating table.
Heaney hasn't yet reached an agreement over the Football Creditors debt of £3m and the Football League are set to block Kevin Heaney's takeover of the club.
James Brent has re-submitted his bid.

Heaney threatens to walk away from the deal, he said: "If they (the administrators) are not going to get this deal over the line on Thursday then Peter and I will walk away from the deal.
"There seems to be an unwillingness to get this deal done by the administrators.
"I urge administrators to get this deal over the line - we have the security of funds in place.
"If the administrators put that forward to the league, I believe they would pass it."

Statement from The P&A Partnership re Plymouth Argyle Football Company Limited (in administration).....

"The joint administrators of Plymouth Argyle Football Company Limited (in administration) are working with all interested parties, including James Brent, that have indicated that they are able to offer a viable solution to the club’s financial problems."

Brendan Guilfoyle said: "I can assure the club’s staff and fans that the Joint Administrators and their advisors are working tirelessly to ensure that there is a successful resolution to the sale of Plymouth Argyle Football Club.’

"In response to recent press reports, I can confirm that the Football League has neither accepted nor rejected a transfer of the club’s golden share to any interested party. The Football League are awaiting the outcome of our negotiations before considering any application."

On a day of statements the Football League also release one....

"At its meeting today The Board of The Football League received an update on the situation at Plymouth Argyle. Based on the information available to it, the Board were unable to consider a transfer of the club's share in The Football League to the proposed purchaser at this point in time.

"Discussions with the administrator and proposed purchaser will continue."

Kevin Heaney has now stated he will not walk away from the deal to buy Argyle, he said: "I’ll hang on in there. We have to grin and bear it. We’re just trying everything we can to get the ball over the line and all I can say is my heart goes out to the supporters."

Heaney also believed the Football Creditor debt had been settled, he said: "I was told the PFA have agreed it on behalf of the players.
"My understanding is that the PFA and the players are happy that they’re being paid in full. As far as I’m concerned, the deal was ok to go over the line with the Football League. The problem is, I’m not being told everything."

But John Bramhall, assistant Chief Executive of the PFA, has a different view on the players wages, he said: "We need a purchaser to be in place first before anything can take place with regards to settling the football creditor debt.
"Then we’ll sit down with the potential purchaser and discuss the figures involved and try to reach a satisfactory resolution for the players and the Football League.

"We’re still in discussions with the administrator and the club and obviously the key issue now is trying to find somebody to take over the club as, from the discussions, it would appear that things aren’t moving forward like everybody had anticipated."

James Brent confirmed that he is working on a rescue bid, he said: "We've had an approach from Brendan Guilfoyle on behalf of the joint administrators asking us to submit a revised proposal, which we've done and we're now talking to interested parties to see if we can deliver that.

"What should happen now, and what should have happened earlier in my view, is to get a sale and purchase agreement signed, and if people want to work with us on it that can be signed very quickly.
"Once that is signed we'll take full responsibility for funding the whole club and not keep people living from day to day."

In a show of solidarity Brighton fans have set up a website to promote the plight of PAFC -

Paul Buttivant submits his bid to buy the club.

Argyle lose 2-0 at home to Port Vale, had Ladjie Soukouna sent off and remain bottom of League Two.

The BBC reports that James Brent and Peter Ridsdale are having talks with the PFA today.
Paul Buttivant gives a live interview to Radio Devon.

The Herald reports that James Brent will meet with Lombard today. He tells the BBC: "We're spending this week gathering views of key stakeholders.
"We hope to be in a position by the end of this week to know whether to participate in the rescue of the club.
"I've promised by Friday morning that I'll let people know if there is anything I can do after discussing it with the key stakeholders."

The Herald also reports that other bidders are interested in buying Argyle and Peter Ridsdale could be looking for a new job opportunity at another football club and will meet with officials in London today.

Argyle lose 2-0 away to Barnet and remain bottom of League Two, 5 points away from safety.

The Herald reports that Kevin Heaney has pulled out of the race to buy Argyle, he said: "Whoever takes over Plymouth Argyle, all I wish them is the very best.
"Nothing would make me happier than to see a buyer for Argyle who's got more resources and would do better [than us].
"I gave it my heart and soul and I think the true fans all respect that I've done my best. At the end of the day, the club is bigger than any one person."

But Heaney tells the BBC a different story: "The story in the Plymouth Herald is complete fabrication.
"The administrators are entitled to consider other bids and we have not quit".

Associates of the late pop star Michael Jackson have also shown an interest in buying Argyle - these include former bodyguard Matt Fiddes, Uri Geller and wealthy entrepreneur Terry George.
Two Middle Eastern investors, Terry Venables and businessmen Gary Calder and Colin Hill have also been linked with buying the club.

James Brent is still hopeful of agreeing a deal in principle by Friday, speaking to the BBC he said: "I've spoken to all the stakeholders and everyone is very constructive.
"There are a number of stakeholders and clearly to make an acquisition we need definitive agreement, and until we get definitive agreement we can't get it done.

"Rather than quietly confident I'm quietly hopeful.
"It is complicated. It will take weeks rather than days to close something, and until it's done, it's not done.
"I've ended the week happier than I started it. There's no saying if something will blow up tomorrow or Monday that won't become a tank trap, but there's none in sight at the moment."

The players and staff agreed to another wage deferral.

Statement on Plymouth Argyle Football Club from Plymouth City Council.

In response to the recent news that a private sector deal securing the future of Plymouth Argyle Football Club has still not been forthcoming, Plymouth City Council leader Vivien Pengelly is issuing the following statement:

Councillor Vivien Pengelly, Leader of Plymouth City Council, said:
“Plymouth City Council is deeply saddened by the current situation with regards the status of Plymouth Argyle Football Club. It is extremely disappointed that no private sector funded solution has yet been forthcoming to ensure the survival of the city’s 125 year old professional football club. The City Council would like to be clear that it considers it important that a city the size and status of Plymouth should not, if at all possible, be without a professional football club.

“We are therefore prepared to work to help ensure the survival of the club and protect wider community benefits. That would include the consideration of the purchase of Home Park on a commercial basis. Any decision would have course have to be subject to appropriate due diligence checks and Council approval.”

The Council cannot say anything further at this stage and Councillor Pengelly is not able to do interviews on this.

James Brent issues a statment -

As previously announced, discussions have been held with representatives of the major stakeholders in PAFC. The intention of these discussions was to identify any roadblocks to implementing a rescue of PAFC.

All the discussions have been constructive and no roadblocks have been identified. The issues are however complicated and the various stakeholders need to obtain their required approvals to implement a transaction; there remain considerable challenges ahead and there is no guarantee that a rescue can be implemented.

James Brent, Chairman of Akkeron Group, said: “A number of stakeholders are working hard to save the Club. I thank them for their efforts. I am pleased that no 'red lights' have been identified and I am more hopeful today than a week ago that the Club can defy liquidation although there remain considerable challenges ahead. Most of all, however, I would compliment the staff, players and their families on the sacrifices that they have made; I have never seen such employee sacrifice before, nor do I want to see it again. I would urge all parties now to push quickly towards the finishing line and move the Club to a brighter future.”


Argyle lose 2-0 away to Southend and remain bottom of League Two.

Peter Reid leaves his post as manager of Argyle.

James Brent reveals it was Peter Ridsdale's decision to sack Peter Reid, he said: "Peter Ridsdale did have the courtesy of speaking to me in advance, but not to ask me permission.
"I suspect the truth is I probably did have a veto but, while I probably could have stopped it if I thought it was the wrong thing, it was his decision.
"I am not in a position to have been involved in the decision but I have respect for Peter Ridsdale’s decision-making capabilities in relation to football."

Captain Carl Fletcher has been appointed caretaker manager with Romain Larrieu named as his assistant.

Peter Reid releases a statement:

"In over 20 years of management, the past 15 months has certainly been the most testing time of my career. Everyone is fully aware that the club has been embroiled in financial turmoil and that the future of the club has still not been resolved.

"My thanks must go to the supporters and of course the staff and players who have been working for the last nine months more or less unpaid. Their perseverance and professionalism has been completely admirable in dealing with some virtually impossible circumstances and I can only hope that the future of the club can be preserved with new owners coming in to bring back some much needed stability.

"I fully appreciate that football is a results driven business but we were operating under such extenuating circumstances, with so many other factors involved, that I do believe it is difficult for team performances to be judged purely on results. Despite the tough times we have all experienced over the past few months in particular, I have enjoyed my time at this great club I can only wish everyone connected with Plymouth Argyle all the very best for the future. I now look forward to a new challenge in the game."

James Brent and Peter Ridsdale will address a supporters meeting at 11am on Saturday in the Pyramid Suite at Home Park, later James Brent will sit in the Devonport End and watch the game against Macclesfield, his first Argyle game.

Argyle's situation and the Fans Reunited day will feature on the BBC Football Focus programme on Saturday.

Southend and Argyle have been charged by the FA for failing to control their players during last Saturday's match at Roots Hall.

Carl Fletcher is banned as a player for three matches but is able to take his place in the dugout as a manager.

Kevin Heaney's club Truro City face a winding up order brought by Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs department. The case will be heard in the High Court on October 31.

Defender Simon King extends his loan from Gillingham for a second month.

Peter Ridsdale will leave Argyle but will stay on temporarily to help with the take over of the club by James Brent.

Argyle caretaker manager Carl Fletcher has backed the take over of the club by James Brent, he said: "It will be good to see him at the game today. I think everyone – fans, players, staff – believes he is the right man to take over the club. And the sooner it gets done the better.
"Obviously, there are a lot of things they have got to sort out.
"But with him taking over the running of the club, I think the future would look a lot brighter."

Argyle recorded their first win (and clean sheet) of the season with a 2-0 win over Macclesfield at Home Park with Feeney and Williams scoring the goals.
The game was witnessed by James Brent, who sat in the Devonport End, and fans from other clubs in a Fans Reunited day organised by the Brighton fans.

Peter Ridsdale is due in the Magistrates Court in Cardiff today to face fraud and trading charges relating to a season ticket scheme while he was at Cardiff City FC.

Ridsdale was later cleared after Cardiff Trading Standards Agency offered no evidence.

Striker Warren Feeney has been called up by Northern Ireland and will miss Argyle's game against Accrington Stanley.

Statement from The P&A Partnership re Plymouth Argyle Football Company Limited (in administration) The joint administrators of Plymouth Argyle Football Company Limited (in administration) today (Wednesday 28 September) announce an agreement in principle with the Akkeron Group for the sale of the football club.

Brendan Guilfoyle of The P&A Partnership said: “The administrators and the Akkeron Group are committed to completing the deal next month. The precise timing will depend on the Football League’s transfer of the club’s ‘golden share’.

“We have consulted various parties and I must thank them for their flexibility in enabling us to negotiate and agree a deal with the Akkeron Group. In particular I would like to thank staff and players as throughout this complex and protracted process they have put the rescue of their club above their own interests.”

Argyle have cut admission prices for the 125th anniversary game against Accrington Stanley on October 8th. Adult tickets will cost £12.50 and under 18s £1.25. A special programme will be produced costing £5 and merchandise in the club shop will be reduced by 12.5%.
Go to ... 17,00.html? for more information and to download a poster advertising the event.