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Re: It's Fletcher - caretaker manager

Posted: 21:25 19 Sep 2011
by Cult Of Personality
Just going to give them a chance like i do with every new manager we get

See what happens

Re: It's Fletcher - caretaker manager

Posted: 22:18 19 Sep 2011
by djg145

In the recent Peter Reid 'poll' to go or stay - 70% on PASOTI wanted PR to STAY.

In this vote, only 49% say it's a good thing that Carl Fletcher as been made 'Caretaker Manager'.

Re: It's Fletcher - caretaker manager

Posted: 22:28 19 Sep 2011
by Bubba
The Peter Reid Poll only had 2 options though, the Fletch has an undecided option and if half went good and half bad it would be a lot closer to the PR result

Re: It's Fletcher - caretaker manager

Posted: 23:22 19 Sep 2011
by Drew_Savage
matteh. wrote:
king tynan wrote: a big worry for me is ro has virtually no contacts and fletcher has only a few contacts. i wish them well as i hate seeing my club getting humiliated week in and week out. let's hope they can get a big bustling centre forward in.

How can you be sure of this? :crazy: Have you seen the contacts on their phone?

Neither Peter Reid nor Peter Ridsdale are short of contacts in football. However, despite that, we are still in desperate need of a large and/or experienced striker. Might I venture to suggest that the problem could lie not with the contacts or lack of them, but (as ever) our geographical location, the budget we are working with, the fact that we don't pay our players and that we're in trouble at the bottom of the league?

Re: It's Fletcher - caretaker manager

Posted: 00:04 20 Sep 2011
by MarkinMelbourne
jimbo_the_green wrote: As the dust settles all we can do is get behind what we have.

I'm still angry at the treatment of Reid and I'm not at all happy with the concept that we are likely to retain Ridsdale's services after the takeover. I simply have to hope that those that have met James Brent (if he is to take on the club) are sound in their judgement of him and that he has enough interest in the football side of matters and enough about him to keep Ridsdale under control and not fall for any of his BS.

Fletch and Ro are a completely unknown quantity in a managerial sense and as such it is impossible to say if this is a good or bad decision. Anyone claiming to know anything else is assuming a lot based on the respect we as fans hold for them as players. It is a situation enforced by financial circumstance and would not have happened otherwise. This may turn into a good thing, it may not. There are many examples in history of each possibility.

They are lucky enough to be in a no lose situation. If they keep us up they'll be remembered in Argyle history, if they don't then nobody (I'd like to think but there's always a few) will blame them for failing to do the near impossible.

I hope and want more than anything for it to work out and will give all of my support to them both. One thing is for sure we could not have a more committed or passionate duo taking charge right now.

In conclusion, i'm undecided but 100% supportive

That's exactly how I see it, Jimbo.

No managerial experience so a big risk. If it works fantastic, but if results don't improve in the next 8-10 games the board should not be afraid to bring in a firefighter to assist before its too late (which the previous idiots didn't do with Mariner).

Re: It's Fletcher - caretaker manager

Posted: 00:37 20 Sep 2011
by Manchester Green
Well it's better than Reid. Which no offence to the legend that is Reid, 'aint saying much. Not arsed that it's an ex-player with no expeience, but worried that it's one who's had his head down these last few matches, no matter the circumstances.

Still - 100% behind Carl.

It's sh1t or bust.

But we were already up sh1t creek.

I hope this works out. And the fans will be behind this move.

This isn't a 'masterstroke' by the Riddler - he's made a sh1t or bust decision, but pray-be it'll work out for us.

Everyone has to start out somewhere. Carl has before the last few matches showed real leadership on the pitch during arduous times. He's now in a role he never thought he'd get - managing a league two team at 31! Reidy had done better than this at roughly the same age, but expected it with his career. Carl will be determined to show that this "fluke", "weird" appointment is actually a masterstroke.

Pray be, for all of us, that Carl pulls it off. I'm rooting for him, and he'll do better than Reid.

Re: It's Fletcher - caretaker manager

Posted: 08:17 20 Sep 2011
by Adam_R
As much as these two have the respect of the fans and by all account the squad, i still dont see how they can greatly improve the squad and how we play.

Yes PR only had 1 point from 27, but that points more towards the players/squad than he managerial acumen.

Also, will certain individuals be more receptive to instructions/criticism from a fellow player than an experienced manager?

For the record, i am fasting between now and the weekend as i sense i will be feasting on a very large slice of humble pie on Saturday night. (i sincerely hope i am!) i just think our troubles lie deeper than the manager at present and that this move to oust PR seems strange. Is it purely to save some cash before the takeover to pay off P&A for the incredible and professional service they have provided? :roll:

Re: It's Fletcher - caretaker manager

Posted: 08:33 20 Sep 2011
by pastiesforlife
It's a big concern that we are to be led by two, well respected men, with no real experience of the job. A Manager, who we really need on the pitch, so who makes decisions while he is on the pitch? Normally the coach - but Ro could be on the pitch as well. Who does that leave? The Riddler? God forbid. Prefer a ball boy to be calling the shots.

Also, a real problem for Peter Reid has been a lack of coaching staff. We haven't had a defensive coach for ages which may explain the leaky defense. We've not had a great need for a forwards coach due to the lack of staff in that department. What does Ro know about coaching? His specialist position surely means that he has experienced a different format of coaching from outfield players and his position on the pitch normally means he warms up away from the other players.

Much to admire about Carl and Ro but this just seems to be a cheap option and no real reason to believe that they can turn things around.

Re: It's Fletcher - caretaker manager

Posted: 08:37 20 Sep 2011
by Gary_Wills
Bottom of the league, with a threadbare squad plus a manager.

Now only a squad. To be lead by a player sent off in his last game for 'losing it' in every sense, and a goalkeeper who's always raised questions about not being outgoing enough to marshall his defence let alone the rest of the team.

A monumentally bad decision - if there is a choice - to enter this week with no manager, if a pragmatic interim measure.

Two more much-liked players to be put through the popularity mincer, a la McCall, Hodges, Mariner...

Re: It's Fletcher - caretaker manager

Posted: 09:03 20 Sep 2011
by crownhillpilgrim
matteh. wrote:
I agree, I can't see why players would want to come here at all right now.

Why can't we press gang some players? It used to work for the Royal Navy.

Re: It's Fletcher - caretaker manager

Posted: 09:19 20 Sep 2011
by Shadowknight
crownhillpilgrim wrote:
matteh. wrote:
I agree, I can't see why players would want to come here at all right now.

Why can't we press gang some players? It used to work for the Royal Navy.

And, making their debut in defence. On loan. HMS Illustrious and Ark Royal.

Maybe get a couple of flying wingers from the RAF too. Shame the Arrows are reds. :)

Re: It's Fletcher - caretaker manager

Posted: 10:01 20 Sep 2011
by Mazza26
People keep talking about Mariner.
He took over a club in the championship (possibly the 8th best league in europe although I would argue that.)
That decision was totally wrong, and Sturrock should have been replaced with someone better and certainly someone with plenty of english league experience.
Totally different.

Also, of course it's the cheap option. If Ridsdale had hired a big money manager then everyone would be arguing about that
cash being used in a more constructive manner - either going towards staff, players or Peter Reid! Remember the word "caretaker!"

Re: It's Fletcher - caretaker manager

Posted: 11:30 20 Sep 2011
by Born_a_Janner
As he is the new interim temporary caretaker he needs all the support he can get, but how can this be seen as anything but an act of employing someone in a management role on the very cheap. Is Fletcher going to play & manage or have we lost another of our few remaining experienced individuals. Will he have to get sent off every time he dons the shirt so he can concentrate on managing? I hope he can inspire the team to get results but see this as a very short term necessity rather than a long term appointment. Always open to being proved wrong though.