by MarkinMelbourne
» 02:28 24 Sep 2011

Adam_R wrote:
MarkinMelbourne wrote: Phew, relieved he didn't get our club for a quid!!!

That was bloody close but thankfully :wave: :wave:

I never understood the posters who kept bringing this issue up.

Yes PR would have acquired the club for £1, but as i understood it, the terms of the agreement were that BIL/Ginger Midget could regain control, for the same value whenever they so wished? Therefore while PR would have had a very cheap trainset for a year, he stood to make no financial gain (aside from whatever salary he could draw - which would presumably have been set by BIL?)

I never saw this as him trying to get the club for a quid, as once Heaney had distanced himself from Truro, he would have bought the club back for the same nominal value.

Have i got the wrong end of the wrong stick? can someone confirm?


I think you might have it wrong, Adam.

The following club statement from June indicates that the Riddler would
assist in the process
by taking 100% ownership of the football club. Nothing in there to indicate he'd be flogging it back anytime soon for the same value. Mind you, the statement does mention the mythical Irish consortium, so who knows about its veracity!,,10364~2378144,00.html