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Posted: 22:04 21 Oct 2011
by Martin Rogers
Thank you so much Mr Brent. I agree with every word of tribute given. We and thee are Plymouth Argyle and we will never die.I hope you get as much pleasure from Argyle as i and all these magnificent fellow Greens have had and can with your help look forward to. Priceless.


Posted: 22:15 21 Oct 2011
by yeovilgreen
Like many on this thread this is my first every post.

What Argyle means to me:

My Dad taking me and my brother to our first game in 1971/2 against Torquay, we won 2:1

On a Saturday after going to see my Grandad (he didnt like football miserable bleeder) walking up through central park from milehouse imitation silk scarfs on both wrists, big green rosette and a rattle. If there was a team playing on one of the pitches in Central Park wearing green they always had 100's of supporters cheering them on!!!

Watching Man City on semi final of league cup need not have worried bunking off school as saw our headmaster

Remember vividly the view as you enter the mayflower standing area looking over to the Lyndhurst side

Standing up against the fench at the Devonport End watching Macauley (not Dan!!), Rickard, Rafferty and Marriner

Once sat in the main stand, Crsytal Palace in 3rd round of FA Cup, Jim Furnell saved a penalty in the last minute we won 2-1, Dad wrote to Crystal Palace keeper about his sporting behavious at the end of the game and he sent us some complimentary tickets for the next tiem Crystal Palace played Argyle. Remember all the older men giving the Palace fans verbals and we were sat in amongst them in our Green scarfs etc, brilliant.

4-0 at half time against Fulham

Going with by brother and friends to the Polish Eagle club (Off Mutley plain and expect now it must he huge!!!) for a few pints, chips/kebab walking up to Home Park, standing on the Spion Cop watching crap football but it was still exiting and would not swap for any other team in the world

Brictol City 4 - 0, place was rocking and must have been many thousand more in the ground than the attendance. Still got the video and is the only reason I keep a video player!

Cardiff away with Dave Smith throwing his cap into the supporters after the game. Going in the Plymouth Arms just down the road from Ninian Park scarfs tucked well away. Then score on telly Cardiff 0, Argyle 1, up roar in the pub it was filled with Greens.

We have the worst PA system ever!!

Semper Fidellis

Taking my son to his first game

Took him to Millwall, parked miles from the ground and sh1t myself all the way back until we got safely in the car.

Taking my wife to her first game, cardiff (again) away, Evans sent off, wife stubbed her cigarette out on someones coat and I chucked a cup of coffee all over the place when we scored, lost 4-1 but priceless day.

Torquay away could not get into the away end so went in home end. When Argyle scored lept up as normal because you have no control when you truly beleive!!

Occassionally all 3 generations now get to games but down the pub we talk all the time about Argyle, not sure what else we would talk about!!!

Ramblings about the last 40ish years but I want my son and Grandchildren to have the opportunity to feel part of something, where ever you end up living, however good or bad your life is Home Park has a draw that will never fade.

Thanks James


ps I nearly forgot: Ivor Dewney pasty


Posted: 22:16 21 Oct 2011
by flogger
James, alles Gute von Deutschland!
Auf geht's Argyle!



Posted: 00:19 22 Oct 2011
by khennes_904
:iagree: Yeh wot he said. :clap: :clap: :clap:


Posted: 02:32 22 Oct 2011
by simonmcdb

Like many others who have posted my grandfather took me to my first Argyle match - 0-0 against Huddersfield in 1961/2 or thereabouts. He lived all his life in Devon and always supported Argyle. Come to think of it he was born about 14 years after the club was formed. He was an ardent fan and I remember he used to stick up for me when as a teenager I wanted to go to away matches and my mother was nervous.

I have lived in London for the last 34 years but I get to Argyle matches whenever I can. This summer I have been working a lot in the USA (where I am now) and consequently I have to follow the Greens on the internet. So, whilst I may not be in possession of the full facts (not that I would be if I was living in Plymouth) it looks from here as if you may have almost crossed the line.

I wish you well and I sincerely hope you make it. From what I have read it seems to me that you understand the value of Plymouth Argyle to the city - even if some its citizens haven't quite grasped this or realised what liquidation of the club would mean. In particular I am delighted that you regard Argyle as a community asset rather than as a vehicle for profiteering. And I congratulate you for taking on the debts accumulated by the not so magnificent seven.

You know Argyle ought to be straining for the Premiership not struggling to stay out of the Conference. Onwards and upwards.


Posted: 03:05 22 Oct 2011
by simonmcdb
Inspired by Yeovil Green:

Johnny Williams scoring from 30 yards - like a Bobby Charlton special

Pat Dunne on TV keeping Bruce Rioch out - again and again and again

6-0 against Torquay on Boxing Day 1969 or 70 (Bickle 4, Piper 2)

Mike Bickle and Fred Molyneaux having a punch up when we're 2-0 down against Stockport. Motivates Bickle to score 2.

Hearing on the radio that Argyle had ended Millwall's record unbeaten home run

Argyle v Manchester City during the miners strike in 74 - midweek afternoon game when 30,000 odd bunked off work. Steve Davey on target in a 1-1 draw

Ernie Machin's volley to open the scoring in a 4-0 win against Coventry.

Mariner, Rafferty & MacAuley in 74/5. Some fantastic away matches, Crystal Palace (3-3) Blackburn Rovers (2-5) Hereford (5-1)

Johnny Hore's tackling. Johnny Hore's boots. (Must have been rugby boots)

Staniforth hitting both posts against Derby. Argyle winning the replay and the minibuses from London getting trashed.

The FA Cup Semi Final against Watford. The agony of Hodges missing a last minute chance.

Dave Smith's man management. Tynan, Nelson, Coughlan and all in Smith's promotion season

Ronnie Mauge's goal at Wembley

Sturrock's team in 2001/2 Goals from all over the pitch. David Friio - all over the pitch. Wotton's dead ball ferocity.

Argyle's win to clinch promotion to the Championship against QPR - Evans's thumping header and Friio's cool strike

And then we all thought we were on the verge of something big...

Larrieu's astonishing save against Watford away in the Championship.

Buzacky's strike against QPR at Loftus Road

Just a few memories from a back catalogue of hundreds, if not thousands, and these are only mine.

We just can't let Argyle die