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Re: Peter Ridsdale to be new Chairman of Football Operations

Posted: 10:37 29 Oct 2011
by StaddyGreen
John Petrie wrote: Peter Ridsdale is a man of undoubted energy, enthusiasm, experience and ability. There are many question marks over his past and his motives whilst involved at our club, but, he is not in charge of running the club, he is not in charge of the purse strings, and he is not going to be our owner. If we can harness his skill for the benefit of our club without the risks of him repeating any of his past mistakes then he can be a great asset to us. He is a divisive figure, but, let's not get over the top here; he is going to be responsible for one particular area and he will have a corporate governance structure above him.

The last thing we need right now is for fans to be falling out over this. So, let's give him a chance in his new role, one that cannot endanger the future of our club, and hope that he can use his skills and enthusiasm to our benefit.

I'm as cynical as anybody and do worry about peter ridsdale. However, I have been brought round by your overview and if anybody deserves a chance in the role that has been created for him then it is him.
He is a football man and will be in charge of football affairs. Good luck to him.

Re: Peter Ridsdale to be new Chairman of Football Operations

Posted: 10:38 29 Oct 2011
by Tavypilgrim
Since it appears that Ridsdale will have no control over finances then I can just about put up with him being about, although I would rather he left.

In my mind though while he is here it does mean there will always be an element of questioning doubt in my mind about the club.

Re: Peter Ridsdale to be new Chairman of Football Operations

Posted: 10:39 29 Oct 2011
by jollygreenjohn
As is usually the case, X- Isle articulates my own feelings.

I would rather he wasnt here but I will lump it too and I'm sure he will be gone as soon as a better offer comes in view. In the short term there are benefits of having someone on the spot who knows exactly the issues we need to contend with and also, dare I say, gives Mr Brent a shield from any flak.

Re: Peter Ridsdale to be new Chairman of Football Operations

Posted: 10:44 29 Oct 2011
by Dublin Green
I assume Ridsdale is here to find the investors that james Brent is looking for to allow him to sell up as soon as possible

Re: Peter Ridsdale to be new Chairman of Football Operations

Posted: 11:07 29 Oct 2011
by MickyD
You offended plenty last night, TJ (and how!) so thanks for being big enough to apologise the morning after the night before.

Re: Peter Ridsdale to be new Chairman of Football Operations

Posted: 12:01 29 Oct 2011
by Jones the Green
tynans jockstrap wrote:
Jones the Green wrote:
X Isle wrote: After the celebration comes the mother of all hangovers :thumbdown:.

I guess having touted his ass round football since James Brent came back and found no takers, he finds himself the beggar with one choice.

One of the beats of my drum this summer has always been unity. On the one hand therefore you could say it's time to bury the hatchet and move forwards, forget old reservations and skip hand in hand towards a greater Argyle future. On the other hand though it's Peter fekkin Ridsdale FFS :doh:.

He's a piece of work though ain't he?, i'm sure others can identify with this thought pattern. Now i'm generally a pretty black and white sort of chap but f*ck me I've changed my views on him as often as I changed my pants in this process, admittedly that doesn't happen often but you get the point :whistle:.

First off I was hostile (first I was afraid, I was petrified). Then I figured the NWO were so absent that ANY hand on the tiller was better than drfiting aimlessly. Then I was hostile again when he seemed to be manufacturing a destiny for his own ends. Then JB mooted the idea of having him as a salaried employee, that made some sense utilising his undoubted experience without the risk of his ideas outstripping his own coffers. Then JB was sidelined by Ridsdales appointed administrator, the "we don't know who he is" lie was exposed and it seemed the meek were not going to inherit the earth afterall, a couple of sh1ts were. Then what was obvious to even the distant observers became apparent to those closest to Heaney and JB came back in from the cold, again (consistent) courting Ridsdale in the employee role. Then Ridsdale said he wasn't staying "good" I thought, "f*ck off then, a clear line could do with being drawn" he's back as a football operations chairman.

So what to do now?. Like it?, no, he's a divisive character when we most need unity. Lump it?, guess i'll have to. We need to push forwards as one, we're just going to have to accept uncomfortable bedfellows and deal with them with our elbows. He IS, and i've always accepted this, a very canny man to have running your football club. I doubt there is anyone else who knows the dark arts of thriving and surviving disaster more clearly............come a nuclear holocaust i'd wager he'll survive and lead the other c0ckroaches to a new dawn.

For me he lacks ALL the other values I strove for at my club this summer, he lacks integrity, honesty, and transparency (see the aforementioned and publicly exposed Heaney lie) but for the sake of the remaining value, UNITY, i'll lump him 'til he gets bored with lower league/non-league football, rips off his suit to expose his Superman costume and flies off on another rescue mission.

Fair enough. I have no issue with anyone who doesn't like Ridsdale, and obviously I can understand why they have concerns. As I have already stated, I am not exactly a Ridsdale fan myself. I do still think it may emerge that he has played a much bigger part in this club's survival than most are prepared to give him credit for, (even if his chief motivation was self-interest) but that is something that the fullness of time and the writing of the history might establish one way or the other.

But when someone comes on Pasoti so consumed with hatred for Ridsdale that they state they would rather Argyle were liquidated than he was allowed to retain a role in the club, well, sorry but that's when I see red!!! :furious: :furious: :furious:

What a total absence of perspective and proportion! When you hate an individual more than you love the club, well. I'd say you'd got some serious problems! :roll:

Too much alcohol last night, and I posted in anger at the news that Ridsdale was being made chairman, later amended to chairman of football and later again to chairman of football operations, whatever that means.

Of course I didn't want to see the club liquidated. I've been an Argyle fan for nearly 30 years and have endured many highs and lows, so I'm not the kind of fan who doesn't attend games until we draw someone big in the cup, unlike unfortunately the vast majority of Argyle fans. I follow Argyle home and away and contribute in person and with donations. This last couple of years has been an absolute nightmare for anyone connected with Argyle, but in particular the staff, without whom we wouldn't have a club to write about.

My truck with Ridsdale is the way he held up the takeover process because he wanted a large slice of the pie without shelling out anything himself. He didn't want to be a bit part player under James Brent, so went looking elsewhere, anywhere, for another Heaney, when James Brent was ready with a rescue package all along. To now be making statements about how he wanted Brent all along is a measure of the guy.

What he did at Cardiff went unpunished for some reason, but we all know what he did. The money raised was never going to be spent on transfers, because they were under a transfer embargo. The money was going to be used to pay off debts accumulated while he was running the ship. How anyone can say he left Cardiff in a better state than he found it is beyond me. The investment needed came after he had departed, and it wasn't investment he found.

Leeds were ruined by his leadership, and somebody knows a couple of Leeds fans who don't wholly blame Ridsdale? They are part of a very very small minority.

None of this seems to matter to most people because it happened at other clubs. Well i'm glad that Brighton and dozens of other clubs fans gave a sh7t about our plight, instead of shrugging their shoulders and saying it didn't affect them.

Ridsdale, Guilfoyle and Heaney were all joined at the hip and all helped heap misery on the staff and delay the takeover deal. Guilfoyle is vilified by the masses, and calls to bombard his office with e-mails were made, and threats were made by some fans after this call. Now that Truro City find themselves in a similar position to that which we have endured and dozens of people are gloating and rejoicing in this fact, then adding as an afterthought that they hope the staff and fans don't suffer. Ridsdale is ok though, because he's part and parcel of Plymouth Argyle and he alone saved us!

My last post on the subject because I went too far last night and I want to apologise for offending anyone.

It takes a big man to apologise. I don't necessarily agree with your views on Ridsdale, but I wouldn't fall out with you or anyone else about those views alone. I would say you are entitled to your own opinions.

What made me angry (actually incensed rather than angry) was your statement that you would rather Argyle were liquidated than he retained a position at the club. And to make such a statement yesterday, of all days!!!!

But as you have now withdrawn that statement and apologised for it, I no longer have any quarrel with you.

Re: Peter Ridsdale to be new Chairman of Football Operations

Posted: 18:18 29 Oct 2011
by dunlop
Like I said n the first post let's give the guy a chance,let's give him the benefit of the doubt. The problem I can see is when he and Peter Jones (when he is appointed to the board) clash.

Re: Peter Ridsdale to be new Chairman of Football Operations

Posted: 18:21 29 Oct 2011
by Manchester Green
As someone who is totally opposed to Ridsdale having any involvement in the club, I don't think this is particularly bad news.

Ridsdale loves having a profile. Does anyone think he'll honestly stay here that long? He sees himself at a higher level than this. Transititional appointment, someone who knows a bit about football, but has no real power.

Re: Peter Ridsdale to be new Chairman of Football Operations

Posted: 18:24 29 Oct 2011
by tigertony
There are an awful lot of comments on this thread that are making me shake my head in disbelief. Where to start??

Most of the green army have not worked with the Riddler nor seen him day to day. For the staff to say ''he's great'' then in their eyes, in between glancing at their latest final demand, he was great. The staff have been through hell and know far more about Riddler than we do.

How many times in an illustrious career has JB made a huge mistake. I'll start the bidding at zero !

How many times in your life (aimed at the green army) has someone taken a little gamble on you ??

When the Riddler popped into his local Millets to buy his walking shoes about 9 months ago we, as a club, were already about 95% complete for administration. (Ignore what Toad said at that time)

Do you really think that Gillfool shared everything with Riddler. More than his job was worth to do that !!! Selective information flow.

NOW - get back in that group hug.

Re: Peter Ridsdale to be new Chairman of Football Operations

Posted: 18:41 29 Oct 2011
by blue79
Next Ridsdale will be the man in the tracksuit on the training ground.

Re: Peter Ridsdale to be new Chairman of Football Operations

Posted: 18:44 29 Oct 2011
by Steve Evans
i think he will make a very big decision very soon . it will be a disaster if we go out of the league. i think he has already got someone lined up.

Re: Peter Ridsdale to be new Chairman of Football Operations

Posted: 18:49 29 Oct 2011
by blue79
Another way of looking at it.

The staff say they've the utmost respect for Ridsdale.

But they will not say anything against him to the general public out of fear it'll be found out and therefore lose their jobs.

Similar to us at Southend. I know some staff at our club and they were seething in pvt about our Chairman Ron Martin.

But never said so publically.

Re: Peter Ridsdale to be new Chairman of Football Operations

Posted: 19:25 29 Oct 2011
by blue79
Someone lined up?

Luggy and Coughlan.

I've maintained this all along.