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Re: Injured Suppliers List

Posted: 20:58 22 Dec 2011
by Tugboat
khennes_904 wrote:
Greenskin wrote:
Mike Gale wrote: Parkhurst Hill you are having a laugh :furious:


Excuse my ignorance, but what is this, and who owns it . :oops:

Stapletons co owned accountancy business.

Re: Injured Suppliers List

Posted: 21:04 22 Dec 2011
by khennes_904
Okey Dokey, say no more....Many thanks Tugboat, you have a good one.

Re: Injured Suppliers List

Posted: 21:08 22 Dec 2011
by Andy Moore
Greenrod wrote: I don't think there has been a butcher in Crownhill Village for many a year.

I think they moved out of the shop 2 or 3 years ago and now just do catering supplies, but still trade under the same name.

Re: Injured Suppliers List

Posted: 22:26 22 Dec 2011
by carlos
Am I bad for thinking sod the big companies, such as

Belfoir they are a national company so small change, solicitors and accountants ever seen a poor one?

But the smaller firms, companies I am all in favour of showing support to.

Does that make me a bed person? To think this way.

Re: Injured Suppliers List

Posted: 22:33 22 Dec 2011
by GreenMatt
How on earth did EDF only run up a bill of £432? Is there some sort of secret generator up at HP?

Re: Injured Suppliers List

Posted: 22:35 22 Dec 2011
by Greenblooded1
What happened to the money the Trust (original) was owed?

Thank Stapleton for dipping into those funds.....

Re: Injured Suppliers List

Posted: 22:37 22 Dec 2011
by Ian Newell
Every penny of that is being paid back.

Agree with your sentiments though.

Re: Injured Suppliers List

Posted: 22:55 22 Dec 2011
by Sue Pollard
I have one of these victims in my house right at this moment, he's working on sorting something out on the computer upstairs / some sort of film thing with my son.

I won't mention who he is, but through what he does up at Argyle, he kept working for the club throughout the dark days (even though he lost money himself) and is one of the most hard working genuine guy's you could ever meet.

Knowing someone personally who got shafted and what it put him through because of it makes my blood boil :furious:

Sad to see so many people / businesses were affected :thumbdown:

Re: Injured Suppliers List

Posted: 00:00 23 Dec 2011
by tigertony
Keepitgreen wrote:
oddball wrote: Postey...a lot of those suppliers provided food and drink to the board and indeed Ocean supplied cars...not sure I'd want to support that...perhaps you should be addressing Messrs Wrathall & Co.

Al, at the time those suppliers didn't know that they were being cra**ed on by those very same people they were supplying. We all threw money towards the M7 hoping we were going places. I don't think you can hold anything against the suppliers.

Anyway, thanks for coming on Tuesday. Hope you enjoyed catching up with Jeff. Couple of photos coming your way tonight.


Some months back I was slagging off our Ginger nut for obtaining services in and around Truro knowing he could not pay them. What can I say !!!!!!

Re: Injured Suppliers List

Posted: 01:27 23 Dec 2011
by i_love_green
PL2 3DQ wrote: Ginsters. Callington. £217.

Didn't know trigger was still about...

Re: Injured Suppliers List

Posted: 02:07 23 Dec 2011
by havnmysay
Blimey, and the BM's are still in use by the club. :shock:

Clear Pest :shock: why did it take them so long :lol: ( todd gardner et all joke )

now lets see a figure saved by ( you just know im gona say it :whistle: ) redundancies.

bloody shame all round in all seriousness, this could have caused job losses across a whole spectrum of companies.

Sue. ya couldnt of put it better

Re: Injured Suppliers List

Posted: 07:41 23 Dec 2011
by therealdsg
Don't worry about Belvoir lettings - it's a franchise and the insurers would have paid out.

Re: Injured Suppliers List

Posted: 07:55 23 Dec 2011
by green_pants
I know the guy who runs Bespoke frames, He is a traditional signwriter and has done all of argyles signs etc for years. He recently took over the framing business from his brother but due to his age both the signwriting and picture framing are really just hobbies to try and pay the bills. He also looks after all the press and photographers on matchdays. Basically he is an argyle nut and to see his livelyhood affected like it has been has been heartbreaking. Therefore If anyone wants any framing done please give him a call.

PS he is still showing his dedication to argyle by STILL doing the framing etc despite being owed what he is owed! (therefore at his own cost!) :nworthy: :nworthy: :nworthy: :scarf: :scarf: :scarf: :nworthy: :nworthy: :nworthy: