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Misuse/Misunderstanding of Domain Names

Posted: 09:24 10 Jan 2019
by Argylegames
I was just reading on the main board a thread about the Argyle Fans Trust rep attending a meeting about the Football League Trophy.

I noticed that the Argyle Fans Trust uses the domain and wondered why?

The AFT is not a COMmercial enterprise so why are they not using .org as they are an organisation, better yet as they are UK based?

It constantly surprises me how many small companies and organisations use what, to me, are the wrong domain suffixes. should be using and would be better represented by using especially as is restricted to uk limited companies. You have to be that limited company to register the domain. would be better as

Don't get me started on on or! domains are much cheaper than .com and easier to get as our American and EU friends don't want them.

.eu is not a good proposition as the EU is threatening to make it illegal for British people/companies to use .eu post Brexit unless they reside/have offices in the EU.

There are many more options of course, including .me, .info, .shop. (Not many ISPs seem to use the specialist .net domain these days)

semi-rant over. Use your domains wisely folks.

Re: Misuse/Misunderstanding of Domain Names

Posted: 19:04 18 Jan 2019
by Ham Green