by Manchester Green
» 23:30 30 Jan 2011

I think the point some may have missed about the hotel affair is that it is impossible for a gay man/woman to married in the eyes of God at present. As such, the hotel is actively discriminating against gay people, even if the true aim of the couple's moral ire is sex before marriage. As a society we've moved away from the dark days of people being discriminated against on the basis of something genetic that they cannot alter. So if opposing discrimination against gay people amounts to 'political correctness', then call me a politically-correct pinko Guardianista ZanuLabour zealot.

However, sexism is a slightly different kettle of fish. There will always be broad generalisation about the opposite sex from each respective gender. For every time a guy says "do me a favour, love" there'll be a girl saying "all men are b*stards", etc. The moment society gets too caught up in the semantics of sexism, which, in the case of Gray and Keys, I feel it did, is the moment that political correctness actually does begin to go "mad." By the same account, the next time a woman tells me I have 'man flu', I'm taking her to a disciplinary. :)