by Penmaster
» 13:52 20 Apr 2015

The government of any country should prioritise serving the needs of the country it governs. I don't think that is racist and I would be extremely disappointed if any party disagrees with that statement.

Interestingly a point missed by almost every single anti UKIP comment I see is that proposed immigration policy of UKIP is actually less descriminatory to non UK persons wanting to come to this country.

Let me explain. As an EU country, we have no control at all over how many EU migrants come to this country. In order to reduce migration (Labour, Tory and SNP have all said that tighter controls on immigration are needed), the only way to do this is to make it more difficult for non EU people to come into the UK. So, the numerous hard working and dedicated non EU people who are employed in the NHS in future will struggle to come into the country. British citizens who marry non EU people find it difficult to keep their spouses in the UK. This is clearly discriminatory to non EU citizens but it is a practise the Tories have implemented to reduce immigration and, presumably, the only practice that the pro European parties can put in place to reduce immigration.

A points based system which is based on the individual rather than if they are from the EU or not is clearly a fairer way of controlling inmigration.

Those that are accusing UKIP point blank of racism need to stop and think. Is it not (in theroy) racist or discriminatory to treat non EU citizens wanting to come to this country different to those from within the EU? To me, people opposed to a points based immigration system but supporting Labour/Tory/SNP views on reducing immigration are saying 'discriminatory policy is bad, unless it's against non EU citizens'.

I'm sure no one actually thinks that but when you break it down, that's what a vote for SNP, Labour or Tories will mean.