by Ade the green
» 20:52 05 Dec 2015

Quinny wrote: Cobi's only repeating the line from Central Office. If Cameron referred to Livingstone as an ugly muffin, Cobi would be regurgitating the same message. Anyway, Cobi's back into his blinkered ignoring responses mode again as he failed to respond to my comments from last week. Maybe Cobi is a politician in the making.

From Friday 27th November
Cobi Budge. wrote: On a slightly separate note. I found Ken Livingstone's comments last night on BBCQT absolutely disgraceful. If you want to see a real Terror apologist, look at Ken. The fact he actually tried to justify 7/7 by saying it was just a protest and that the terrorists just died for what they believed in, it genuinely sounded as if he was glorifying the murder of innocent people.

Quinny wrote: To be fair, it would have to be one hellva good reason to blow yourself up for other than something you believed in.

I don't think Livingstone was trying to glorify anything, but in attempting to draw a possible correlation between Blair going into Iraq and the 7/7 bombing (could 7/7 be avoided if we didn't follow the US? We'll never know, but it is a possibility which can never be discounted) and fixing the blame on Blair, he managed to take the blame away from the terrorists and legitimised their actions. That was a big mistake: hell I'd love to see Blair in an international court answering for his decisions and lying about alleged WMD, but a terrorist is a terrorist and it's their fault they decided to kill 52 people. They were not alone in feeling angry about the war in Iraq - millions of people (Muslims and non-Muslims) in the UK were against it: the vast majority of them didn't feel the need to commit mass murder as a consequence.

I think the point Ken was trying to make was valid - that the 7/7 attacks were very possibly in response to our actions in Iraq. What Ken did which was a mistake (nothing more than an error of judgement, not intentional) was to legitimise their actions rather than call them for what they were: terrorists. But as I quoted previously, Ken did exactly that with his speech straight after the 7/7 attack.

Why should you have to explain what Ken Livingstone was thinking after it had been heard loud and clear by BBC viewers? But to clarify, straight after the attack when everyone was in shock he called them terrorists but once he had calmed down they became misguided souls?