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Posted: 05:10 18 Jul 2016
by up_the_line
Been up since 3 am when they kicked off making an absolute racket. Too hot to shut the window. Utterly sick of the f##kers. Hate violence towards animals but this is sorely testing me. Been divebombed twice this week on my own street. They shut up again at about 6. Anybody else getting to the end of their tether? Rant over

Re: Seagulls

Posted: 07:38 18 Jul 2016
by andyr1963
Not many, very few, creatures deserve to die, but seagulls are up near the top of the list, mosquitos and rats are their competition.
I guess you have a nest / young near by that they are "protecting"
No help at all this year, but next year do everything you can to stop them nesting nearby.

Good luck

Death to seagulls (I would buy the shirt) :greensmile:

Re: Seagulls

Posted: 07:58 18 Jul 2016
by Quinny
Apparently their numbers are declining and they're a protected species. I think the experts are looking in the wrong places: the buggers have left the cliffs and seaside and are all living on the roof of the Royal Devon and Exeter.

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Posted: 08:07 18 Jul 2016
by Frank_Butcher
Add pigeons, magpies, grey squirrels, horseflies and flesh flies to the list of annoyances at this time of year.

Roll on the football season.


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Posted: 09:32 18 Jul 2016
by Tonka
To the side of our house we have a cherry tree that for the last few years has been a haven for a number of blackbirds. From about four am we are slowly brought to consciousness by the sweet lilt of their song.
However this year damn crows (Sky Daleks) have taken over the territory. What a racket!

We managed to train our dog to bark when they are near. They haven't returned. He doesn't do it for the wood pigeons which is cool.

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Posted: 10:18 18 Jul 2016
by PL2 3DQ
Seagulls come in land a lot more now, there must be a nest near me because they are always out and about screeching 24/7.
The flying ants were out on Saturday and it was chaos.

Also the slugs have taken over, they are everywhere. I read an article there are 420 billion slugs in UK gardens this summer, an average of 20,000 in each garden.
We are under attack!

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Posted: 10:26 18 Jul 2016
by up_the_line
The flying ants and slugs I can deal with. Rats I can cope with. Spiders, no worry. Foxes, fine. Even f##king wasps haven't been an issue this summer. At least none of those things try to puke and sh1t on you as soon as you leave your front door because the cretins think you're after their babies. I've spent sleepless hours reading about 'bird free' gel which is apparently quite effective in deterring the sh1twings from roosting in the same spot.

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Posted: 10:49 18 Jul 2016
by MikeN
I would advise writing a polite-but-firm letter.

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Posted: 11:20 18 Jul 2016
by Shadowknight
Hate seagulls. Any London team that has an animal as a nickname or mascot comes close...

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Posted: 11:53 18 Jul 2016
by Greenrod
What about ultrasonics - does it work?

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Posted: 11:59 18 Jul 2016
by Lousy_Pint
I love gulls... so graceful, clean and annoy so many of that most obnoxious of species... humans!

Try moving house utl. No sympathy from me whatsoever.

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Posted: 12:22 18 Jul 2016
by gandalf_the_green
A couple of days ago I noticed a number of wasps making a bee-line(haha) to the same area near where we sit outside.Turns out I have the beginnings of a wasp nest in a low loose wall.

In fact it seems that the first brood have flown the nest and now keep coming back to try and expand the nest and feed the larvae of yet more wasps.So armed with wasp killer spray I am trying to wipe out the original brood which are all female apparently and the only sex that stings,before everything gets out of control.

The temperament of the wasps depend on that of the Queen who is now left alone to breed,while the first brood carry out building Sherford.So far the wasps are more Queen Elizabeth 2 than Queen Cerseii and I haven't been stung.

Regarding seagulls the ones down at St Ives are pretty cocky.

Sitting on one of the beaches last year with my back to a wall a gang of them made numerous attempts to nick my cheese and pickle Sandwich.

One succeeded grabbing a sarnie and an index finger about a foot away from my face,with eyes briefly locked I let the sod have it.(the sarnie that is)

So I ate the remainder of lunch fending off the occasional seagull attack,and thought crikey don't they have big beaks.

Re: Seagulls

Posted: 12:56 18 Jul 2016
by Kevin_Dacombe
When I used to live in Plymouth it was bin day that was a nightmare. The council refused to give us wheels bins so the night before everyone would put out their bin bags, at about 5am when it started getting light all hell would break lose as the gulls ripped the bags apart. By 9am there was rubbish everywhere. That and once one Bugger had me pasty out of my hand. Shoot f'ers is what I say after that.