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Re: Frank Harper & Daily Mail

Posted: 08:01 20 Jan 2017
by Shankster
The Daily Hate, hmmmm

Re: Frank Harper & Daily Mail

Posted: 21:09 20 Jan 2017
by Andy_S
mervyn wrote: Back to the OP, what I find alarming is the number of people, my own friends included, who assume that everything published in a newspaper must be true. I'm a life-long Grauniad reader, basically left of centre, but regularly disagree with some Guardian contributors.

To give an extreme example of my concern, which I hope never reaches this country, is an American newspaper called the National Enquirer, usually sold at supermarket check-outs. The most common headlines relate to alien landings, usually in the Nevada and Arizona deserts, and always being covered up by government to avoid panic. I had always assumed everyone treated this as a spoof newspaper, until one week last year it's headline read 'Camilla (Parker Bowles) found drunk in gutter again'. On two occasions during that trip locals expressed their concern to my wife and me over Camillas drink problem, and how it would ultimately cost Charles any chance of becoming King! When I suggested this might be a made up story with no foundation, they looked very sceptical. God knows what they would make of Private Eye, which in addition to the fun stuff contains some very truthful eye openers, particularly in local government.

Bear in mind Merv that these will be the same people that have just voted in Trump!

Nuff said!