by greenking83
» 15:44 07 Dec 2019

WoodsyGreen wrote:
Cobi Budge wrote:
greenking83 wrote: Had some spare time at work....

GK R.Matthews
DL G.Sawyer
DR O.Threlkeld
DC S.Bradley
DC K.Arnason

MC D.Fox
MC A.Sarcevic

AML C.Noone
AMR R.Lameiras
AMC G.Carey

SC B.Wright-Phillips

J.Cole, C.McFadzean, C.Nelson, J.Edwards, D.Mayor, Y.Bolasie, F.Ladapo

O.Bhasera, P.Hartley, T.Diagouraga, L.Alessandra, R.Reid

Jake Cole ahead of Luke McCormick? Have you been drinking?

Think you could have chosen your words a little better there. Not everyone was a fan of McCormick, I certainly wasn't.

Yeah, certainly skating on thin ice there!

Only chose Cole over McCormick cos it was team of the last decade... in which i believe Cole and Matthews were better for us than him.
If it were of the previous decade then it would've been Larrieu or McCormick.