by Adam
» 19:54 21 Mar 2020

Hi all,

I've suggested an idea to Argyle that they host some WatchALongs / Watch Parties showing some classic Argyle matches, that we can all watch together simultaneously.

Having heard back from them, it looks like this can now be a possibility, potentially streaming these classic matches at 15:00 on Saturdays and 19:45 on Tuesday evenings.

If hosted on YouTube then only text chat will be available, BUT if you regularly attend Argyle games with your friends and would like to continue doing this then you could always hold a 'conference' call on something like Skype/Facebook Messenger etc and all be in the same voice conversation together whilst watching the match.

I know there are a number of fans, Pasoti members, and obviously people in general who are stuck indoors and are missing their trips to Home Park, so hopefully this idea goes a long way to helping those who feeling lonely because of the current situation.

Keep an eye on the Argyle Twitter account for more updates, hopefully, if all goes well, they will push this out as soon as they can.