by philevs
» 19:19 17 Nov 2020

The Doctor wrote:
GreenThing wrote: We must find a way to adapt quicker.

Or perhaps another approach would be to capitalise better on the good spells so that we don’t have to adapt. Really, in all the games we’ve not won this season we’ve had good chances to score but not taken enough of them or had plenty of attacking possession without quite opening the opposition up. We’re getting ahead in games but leaving the door ajar for the other team to come back into things.

Think you’re spot on here, a characteristic of our play this season is that we dominate the first half but don’t get out of sight, too many missed chances (apart from Jephcott who has been superb), and this allows other teams a way back in.
It’s something RL keeps on mentioning, and so he knows where the problem lies.
Missing chances and not scoring when completely dominating is deflating for a team, and coupled with tactical changes by the opposition at half time accounts for our poorer second half performances.
In fact given the chances we’ve been missing, we’re doing well to get as much out of games as we are, so the team deserve credit for that.