by Quinny
» 11:19 16 Feb 2016

I'm not sure if this is appropriate to place here (I'm sure the admins will be the judge of that) but...

In December 2015 my nephew Ollie passed away peacefully 90 minutes after he was born, after succumbing to complications from 'Patau Syndrome' (a very rare chromosome disorder affecting one in 10,000 births) which he had been diagnosed with very early on in my sister-in-law's pregnancy. After hearing the news about Ollie's condition, and the odds stacked against him, she and her partner made the decision to continue with the pregnancy to give little Ollie every chance they could to at least meet them, even if was for a brief moment.

The nursing staff placed Ollie in a 'cuddle-cot' (a cot which is kept chilled) after he passed away which allowed my sister-in-law and her partner to spend more time with him and gave them more memories than would normally have been allowed, and this is something which they (and the rest of us who got a chance to meet little Ollie) will never forget. It even allows them to take their child home for a day or so to help with the process of saying goodbye.

By way of this they've made a decision to raise money to buy another cuddle-cot for the local hospital to help other new parents who lose their baby so soon after birth. I normally wouldn't share pages like this, but as I have a personal link to this, I feel I have to do my little bit to help raise some money.

Many thanks for reading this,