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» 23:53 08 Feb 2017

MODS this isn't football related nor is the person involved as far as I know a football fan, but please if you wouldn't mind pinning this post to the top of the page for a while.

Please take a minute to read...

*I'm calling on my friends far and wide.... UK and International. We need to get this viral!*

These are my friends and all I ask is for you to read this post and help in any way you can. Donate, Share, Link me with businesses or people that can help us reach our target! Start by reading their story below....

Please let me introduce you to my beautiful friends Becky (29) and Flynn (30). The kindest and most genuine people you could ever wish to meet.

In August 2015 I was fortunate to attend their gorgeous wedding "Flynnfest", and the day represented them; full of love, fun, laughter and life.

However, despite being in peak physical fitness as a postman, surfer and keen cyclist, less than a year later Flynn was rushed into hospital where he received the most devastating news imaginable. A rare and aggressive form of cancer called Sarcoma, which had spread from his heart to his lungs. Shortly after this devastating blow, they then receive the news that Becky is pregnant with twins....

Fast forward to now. Becky has given birth to two beautiful boys who made an appearance on Flynn's 30th birthday! They thankfully are healthy and thriving, but unfortunately the same cannot be said for Flynn who is on the third and final type of chemo that will be provided for free by the NHS.

This means it's down to us; their friends and family, to raise enough money to pay towards further private treatment. Please help us by donating, sharing or suggesting contacts or events that could get us to our target.

Thank you ❤❤❤


Please guys anything will be helpful.

Fans, friends and sport all together.