by Bristol Rich
» 13:02 01 Jan 2019

Kentishgreen wrote: What a way to run a railway! Come to Plymouth but you might need your trunks to get past Dawlish.

This has to be addressed and now. Recently there was a programme on about Britain’s Lost Railways, courtesy of Beeching and the Tories. One of them was about the line between Plymouth and Exeter! This was news to me having been born and brought up in Plymouth. Apparently a line ran from Plymouth to Bere Alsto, Tavistock, Okehampton and Exeter. Much of the infrastructure still exists. Of course Plymouth to Bere Alston still exists and the line between Okehampton and Exeter has been restored.

Seems too simple doesn’t it. But Network Rail are wedded to the coastal route even though it is regularly knocked out by the weather. Even if the climate scientists are only half right things are going to get a helluva lot worse for Plymouth and Cornwall. It seems that King Canute is in charge of Network Rail.

As another poster commented, Bernard Mill's latest back track book has some excellent pictures of the old route up Tavistock. Both Tavistock stations are shown.