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» 21:25 05 Aug 2014

cheshiregreen wrote:
Green_Matt wrote: What should ideally happen is some joined up thinking with regards to a new line, stations and 'complimentary' developments. Why not plan one or two 'railway' towns based around new stations along the route? This could provide a carrot for investment in the railways, provide new housing and for once not end up with further overloading of main roads. It is clearly such a backward and unsustainable mode of thinking to believe that we can continue to multiply the number of cars on the road. Public transport really ought to be more a part of life, rather than be dismissed by so many people.

In hindsight this approach could have saved some of the much-missed branch lines?

As so often, others are ahead in the game - "Northern powerhouse"

Five cities in the North of England are to unveil a £15bn plan to improve road and rail connections in the region.

The joint One North report will include plans for a new 125mph inter-city rail link, faster links and better access to ports and airports.

It has been developed by an alliance of five cities - Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle and Sheffield.

Time for some strong political leadership in the South West.

"Meh" came the reply :sad:

Rightly or wrongly and for whatever reason*, it's not in the regional nature, sadly.

*John Lloyd made a good fist of a theory earlier on the latest JB/stadium/ambition/apathy/bla thread.